• Carp Fishing - One Chance - One Barb Featured

    Carp Fishing – One Chance – One Barb – Louise Bowes

    The fish took a bit of line on solid runs that I wasn’t going to even try and stop, even if I could. I gained a bit of ground before it took off again. As the fight drew nearer to the bank, I lowered my other two rods to get them out of the way and after one final burst I slid the net under the fish before taking a look inside.

  • carp fishing birthday bonanza Ian Lewis featured

    Carp Fishing – Birthday Bonanza – Ian Lewis

    At the beginning of July I started catching a few over at Welly and after having held the ticket for a month or so I started to piece the puzzle together. One of the highlights was a new PB ghost carp which weighed 46lb that I landed on my birthday (12th July).

  • Carp Fishing – Up against it – Ryan Searle

    I sat there for an hour or so and saw around 10 carp throw themselves out in the early morning mist, clattering noisily just behind the rope. We were due very similar weather conditions for the Saturday night, so I gathered there would be a very good chance the fish would behave in the same way...

  • Carp Fishing no carp corner featured

    Carp Fishing – No Carp Corner – Andy Muir

    I moved round to the second swim that I had seen fish in; a quiet corner of the lake known as “No Carp Corner” where there was a small group of fish browsing the top of the marginal shelf. I climbed the tree in the swim and watched their movements for a while, looking for the best spot to place the rig and waiting for them to leave the area...

  • Carp Fishing Testing Times

    Carp Fishing – Testing Times – Ronnie de Cleen

    After getting everything sorted it took some time before I got my first bite after the disturbance of finding spots and baiting; this was after sunset. I was happy with the first one, after the preceding 11 nights blanking, and it turned out to be a high double. After returning this one the other rod was off, and this fish turned out a low twenty.

  • carp fishing in france mike lyddon

    Carp Fishing – Du Pain, Du Vin, Du Poisson – Mike Lyddon

    I had previously held the lake record at the lake, with a mirror of 54lb captured a few years earlier, though that had recently been beaten by another carp of 57lb, so I was amazed and more than happy to see the needle spin round and stop at 57lb 8oz! I had taken my lake record back again.

  • carp fishing moving on

    Carp Fishing – Moving On – Carl Udry

    With so much water, comes that inevitable natural aura and ambience that just makes the air smell 'carpy' in the Cotswolds. Well this ticket offered a similar challenge to my other new ticket, being bigger at 45 acres, but with depths more manageable (up to 10ft), areas of dense weed, islands, but with relatively well catalogued stock, understood to be in the region of 110 or so carp, with 5 or 6 carp over the magical 40lb mark.

  • The Classic Autumn - featured

    Carp Fishing – A Classic Autumn – George Benos

    The fish took a good 50-60 yards of line on its first run, before hitting the surface. The battle was far from over and we spent the next 10 minutes playing tug of war, until she began to realise I was the stronger opponent...

  • carp fishing welly bound featured

    Carp Fishing – Welly Bound – Ian Lewis

    It was a prolonged and dogged fight but I slowly drew a chunky mirror into the folds of the waiting net. I woke up another member Simon, and he in turn helped with the weighing and pictures (I retuned the same favour later that morning). The old mirror weighed a healthy post spawn weight of 35lb 14oz. I was elated to get a carp on my first trip and get the ball rolling...

  • carp fishing the anchor man featured

    Carp Fishing – The Anchor Man! – James Clarke

    It’s always nice to peel back the cord and look at your prize, and to say I was somewhat elated to see it was one of my target fish would be an understatement, I was over the moon! As is often the case at this time of year she was a little low in weight at 39lb 10oz, but that didn’t bother me, I was just happy to have the pleasure of meeting 'The Anchor' in person.

Stiff D-Rig

When Nigel Sharp started off his Spring campaign on Engy, targeting this generation’s Black Mirror – Baby Black – [...]

  • The Zig Rig Step 9

Zig Rig

This method can be very effective at picking off bites from fish that you wouldn’t catch if you kept you rods fishing conventionally down on the lake bed.

  • Équilibré ou décollé?

    La grande diversité des postes ainsi que des distances de pêche, des natures de fond, etc... m'oblige à adapter constamment mes montages. Plus que le choix du matériel ou des esches, c’est cette terminaison [...]

  • A la faveur de l’automne! – Dauchy David

    C’est certainement durant cette période de l’année que mon temps de pêche augmente considérablement, à la faveur de RTT durement gagnés le long de l’année, Et oui travailler plus, pour [...]

  • ZIG RIG POWER! – par Dauchy David

    Étant à l’affût de tous ce qui touche de près ou de loin à notre pêche, j’aime à découvrir de nouvelles techniques. Et c’est ainsi qu’au détour d’une énième recherche, [...]

  • Bien aborder les bordures par David Dauchy

    A l’heure où une année se termine et une autre qui commence, nous sommes soumis ces dernières années à une mode, celle des statistiques: nous avons désormais la fâcheuse tendance à tout classer par [...]

  • Le Montage de Baies

    l'automne arrive... la natures relâche ses baies... profitez de cette aubaine pour des pêches rapides en extrême bordure... péchez ou tombent les baies... ces postes sont souvent copieusement amorcés par dame nature... inutile de [...]

  • Koh Lanta Fishing

    Habitant à quelques kilomètres de cette gravière, c'est l'endroit idéal pour mes pêches rapides ou pour mes coups du soir. Il m'arrive également d'y réaliser de petites sessions de 24H jusqu'à 48H maximum. Ne [...]

  • Achieving the target! – by Jerome Sebille

    Thanks to French angler, Jerome Sebille, friend of Gardner Tackle and member of the French Carp Connection Team, for his account in first locating and then banking this stunning carp weighing 30lb 8oz. A good [...]

  • V2 ATTx Receiver e ATTx Deluxe Receiver

    La redazione di Carpaonline non poteva esimersi dal provare e mettere in confronto le 2 centraline di Casa Garner che per chi non le conoscesse sono compatibili con qualsiasi tipo [...]

  • gardner retention sling featured image

    Retention Sling – Gardner Tackle

    Si sa che negli ultimi anni le sacche di mantenimento/pesatura hanno fatto passi da gigante nel campo della ricerca e sviluppo, fortunatamente tutte le aziende hanno sfornato prodotti sul mercato [...]

  • CamFlex Leadfree Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    L’Inglese Garner presenta questo nuovissimo Leader senza anima interna in piombo: Il CamFlex Leadfree è costruito intrecciando fibre PTFE pesanti ed è un prodotto 100% in PTFE, pertanto siamo riusciti [...]

  • Camflex Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    Il Nuovo CamFlex Leadcore della britannica Gardner è un Leadcore di nuova generazione, è completamente chiazzato e ultra morbido e questo struttura di nuova generazione offre un’ottima mimetizzazione; difatti la trama chiazzata rompe la [...]

  • Ultra Skin Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    Un trecciato fantastico di ultima generazione completamente rivestito da una pelle davvero morbida, elastica e molto resistente, perfetta da utilizzare sia in Rig semplici che particolari, un trecciato completamente affondante. Ultra Skin + disponibile [...]

  • Point Doctor 2 Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    Mantenere il proprio amo ben affilato aumenta in maniera sistematica le possibilità di cattura, per questo motivo noi di Gardner Tackle abbiamo creato la Point Doctor 2 una seconda versione ulteriormente migliorata dopo l’enorme [...]

  • Medic Plus Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    Gardner "Medic Plus" è un gel antisettico scientificamente sviluppato per il trattamento di piaghe, ulcere, lesioni da amo, tagli o ferite esterne. Medic Plus non è liquido, è un vero e proprio Gel denso [...]

  • Covert Continental Mugga Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    La Redazione di Carpaonline mette sotto la lente d’ingrandimento I nuovi ami dell’Inglese Gardner I “Covert Continental Mugga” che sono l’evoluzione dei famosi Covert Mugga, ami che hanno fatto la storia di questa disciplina [...]

  • Bait Bucket Recensione di Luca Tugnoli

    Comodi e resistenti, in grado di ottimizzare al meglio gli spazi, i BAIT BUCKET sono contenitori per mantenere cibo o esche al fresco. Queste borse, studiate per il pescatore piu esigente, possono contenere fino [...]

  • GT80+ Plus Clear

    Si sa i materiali sono in continua evoluzione e tra le aziende piu’ attive del settore abbiamo sicuramente l’Inglese Gardner Tackle, distribuita in italia da Big Fish Tackle. Questa volta la redazione di Carpaonline [...]

  • Carp Fishing Testing Times

    Carp Fishing – Testing Times – Ronnie de Cleen

    After getting everything sorted it took some time before I got my first bite after the disturbance of finding spots and baiting; this was after sunset. I was happy with the first one, after the preceding 11 nights blanking, and it turned out to be a high double. After returning this one the other rod was off, and this fish turned out a low twenty.

  • Niels Onbekende Kanaalkarpers

    Onbekende Kanaalkarpers

    Het klinkt voor velen onder jullie waarschijnlijk als muziek in de oren, karpers vangen die niemand kent, waarvan geen gewichten bekend zijn, laat staan namen. Nu het vangen van [...]

  • carp-fishing-pril-lente-succes

    Karpervissen – Pril Lente Succes

    De lente staat zonder verbloemen voor de deur. Het is de tijd van het jaar waar we als visser een hele winter naar zitten te smachten. Prille lente dient zich altijd aan en de verwachtingen zijn altijd hooggespannen om de eerste stappen naar het water te zetten.

  • karpervissen ~ Van het verleden naar het heden ~ Danny De Kruyff

    Iedere karpervisser heeft een oorsprong, een plek waar het allemaal begon. Voor sommigen onder ons is dat misschien nog kort geleden, maar voor Danny de Kruyff is het al heel wat jaartjes terug! In [...]

  • karpervissen ~ Succesvol jaar op een zandafgraving ~ Danny De Kruyff

    Verspreid door heel het land liggen tientallen zandafgravingen. Sommige karpervissers vinden de uitdaging van deze (vaak laag bezette) wateren te groot. Anderen smullen er echter van! Danny de Kruyff is één van hen en [...]

  • carp fishing jan ramp 2018

    karpervissen ~ Jan Ramp 2018 een Spannend Jaar

    2018 was een bijzonder spannend jaar. Het jaar waar ik de zekerheid van een goed betaalde vaste baan omruilde voor het ondernemerschap. Al had ik een kloppend businessplan, blijft het toch een aardige sprong in [...]

  • carp fishing tommy 2018 round-up featured

    Carp Fishing ~ Tommy De Cleen 2018 Round Up

    The year started with a few sessions on the AK (The Albert canal) but blanking was the norm, so after a few trips I gave up and purchased a few tickets for some other waters. [...]

  • successful summer rainbow trip

    Een Geslaagde Zomer ~ Chris Vandenhaute

    Vissen is geen exacte wetenschap en gelukkig maar ook anders zou de fun rap uit het spelletje zijn. Vissen is vaak hard werk en veel voorbereiden vooraf en dan hopen dat het gebeurt. [...]

  • carp fishing german sermon featured

    Carp Fishing ~ Sermon on the German ~ Tommy De Cleen

    The TT German Rig looks like a Ronnie, but by using a Covert C-Lok swivel (without the flexi ring as used with the Ronnie) it gives the rig less movement, so it acts differently to a Ronnie.

  • carp fishing als alles mee zit

    Als Alles Mee Zit

    Vissen is geen exacte wetenschap en gelukkig maar ook anders zou de fun rap uit het spelletje zijn. Vissen is vaak hard werk en veel voorbereiden vooraf en dan hopen [...]

  • Distanzwerkzeuge


    Angler machen sich oft selbst das Leben schwer. Ehrgeiz liegt in unserer Natur, jeder will der Bessere sein. Aus diesem Grund wird auch kaum im Uferbereich geangelt. Die straffen Schnüre der Nachbarn wirken [...]

  • Warum Einfach, Wenn es Schwierig Geht

    Im Sommer gibt es viel zu tun. Der Arbeitgeber verlangt Überstunden, Haus und Hof wollen auf Vordermann gebracht werden und der Familienurlaub steht auch noch vor der Tür. Immer wieder [...]

  • Eine Woche Ausland pro Jahr!

    Das war die Aussage meiner Frau als sie erfahren hat, dass sie schwanger ist. Nun ja, besser als nichts, oder? Es sind nun ein paar Jahre vergangen und im goßen [...]

  • Maximale Tarnung

    Jeder Karpfenangler war bestimmt schon einmal an dem Punkt, wo er darüber nachgedacht hat, wie er seine Angelei noch effektiver gestalten kann. In erster Linie setzt man dann bei seinen [...]

  • Der leichte Unterschied

    In meinem kurzen Artikel möchte ich einen Kniff loswerden, der besonders vorsichtig fressende Fische an den Haken bringt. Manchmal schwimmen Fische die Futterplätze nur sporadisch an und schnüffeln ein wenig [...]

  • Auf dem Boden bleiben

    Kiesgruben erfreuen sich vor allem bei den Karpfenanglern an sehr großer Beliebtheit. An diesen Gewässern kann man jederzeit mit Ausnahmefischen rechnen! Sie können nicht abgelassen werden, und daher wissen wir [...]

  • Diese Drei habe ich immer dabei!!!

    Das Angebot an Vorfachschnur ist schier unendlich. Gerade wenn man mal einschlägige Webseiten durchsurft bekommt man den Eindruck, das man für jedes bestimmte Wunderrig ein spezielles Vorfachmaterial braucht. Schnell verliert man dabei die Übersicht, was [...]

  • Drei Länder, drei Gewässer ein Haken!

    Im Gegensatz zu so manchem Tackle-Fetischisten lege ich mehr Wert auf das Endgame unter Wasser, als auf das chromblitzende Zubehör, was am Ufer steht. Denn Fakt ist hauptsächlich die letzten 25cm der Montage entscheiden, [...]

  • Bring Licht ins Dunkel

    Auch der Beste Köder wird gelegentlich versagen, denn es gibt kaum ein Gewässer in dem die Fische immer gut fressen und somit auch gefangen werden können. Da gibt es zum Beispiel Wetterkapriolen die unserem [...]

Multi Rig ~ Lewis Read

It’s not only extremely effective, but incredibly versatile too. Here’s why you should try it...

Horton Rig ~ Lee Wagner

The Horton Rig is essentially a presentation tailored to catch the fish that are showing over an area that is both firm and relatively weed-free, and is his own tweaked/bespoke balanced bottom bait presentation...

Clone Rig ~ Carpology

Classic ‘D’ bottom bait rigs have been around a LONG time – for the simple reason that they work! It’s a presentation that offers amazing consistency by way of how the rig lays out after the lead when it reaches the lakebed, and then settles down nicely...

Dare to Be Different ~ Mark Wozencroft

Carp fishing convention dictates that it’s important to match your hookbait to the size of the hook you’re using in order to catch consistently, but MARK WOZENCROFT’S results suggest otherwise...

Give ’em a Good Kicking ~ Lewis Read

Line-aligners, kickers, hook extensions... those little bits of tubing have many monikers, but do they all do the same job and when’s the best time to use each type? LEWIS READ provides the answers...