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Carp Fishing | Winter | Jim Chisnall

The cold and short winter days are not for everyone, but, on the right waters, they can produce catches with the carp at their optimum weights. . Gardner Tackle's Jim Chisnall loves the colder months of the year and puts in most of his bank time between late October and early spring in search of those trophy weights and carp that just look their best. Join Jim on this Essex lake session where he goes through his winter carp fishing approach covering tactics, weather patterns, baiting and everything you need to make your winter campaigns a success!

Spring is the time of the year I, like most carp anglers, look forward to the most. Not only is the longer days and lighter evenings so much more pleasant than the long winter ones, but also big fishing rewards are there be had, when the fish are often at their easiest to catch.

I managed to get 3 Chod’s out for the night but I had to be off the lake mega early for work the following morning. Kenny's swim gives you a great view looking up the lake, after a quiet night, as I was packing up the next morning, I saw a few fish showing over to my right, this was duly noted for the next visit.

If ever a rig was purpose made for a season, the Hinge Stiff rig, for me, was made for autumn. That’s not to say I don’t use it at other times of year, but from around September onwards, as the weed beds begin to die back and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, this rig for me becomes my number one choice.

The T-Rig is a hugely successful rig when targeting species such as Tench, Crucians and Carp. Here is a step by step on [...]

I was really looking forward to getting back on some of my favourite waters, chasing Tench on big pits or mega hard pits. There were three main waters I had in mind, the largest one going up to 120 acres. All three of them have their own problems, i.e restricted areas, restricted fishing times...

The Hampshire Avon has always been a magical river and I think it’s fair to say, that when it comes to barbel fishing, this river is commonly thought of as one of the most iconic waterways in the country.

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Gardner Tackle has been manufacturing quality carp fishing and specialist fishing tackle for 40 years. Founded in 1980 and as one of the original carp tackle companies we have been at the head of carp angling innovation and design. We are still a family run business and the ethos of producing ground-breaking carp fishing tackle that is high quality and reliable has never been diluted. Every member of the company lives and breathes all things carp fishing related. From the moment we wake (and even while we sleep!) carp and their capture are at the forefront of our minds. This translates itself into the continual development and refining of our carp focused product ranges. And with a dedicated carp fishing team, that includes some of the most well respected carp anglers in the country, you can be sure that each product has been tested to the extreme and meets the exacting standards that we strive for.


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