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Carp Fishing – Specialist Sharpened Hooks -Video

Since their introduction in January 2018, our amazing ‘Specialist Sharpened’ hook range has literally flown off the shelves. There’s no denying that these hooks are an outright edge for anglers that are aiming to create the most effective rigs imaginable. Each and every hook is honed personally by the maestro, Jason Hayward, and individually capped to keep that perfect razor sharp point in absolutely pristine condition. We are pleased to announce that after a gargantuan effort by Jason, we have built up stocks of these exquisitely hand sharpened hooks so we can keep up with demand.

Carp Fishing – Ultra Sink Tungsten Hooklink – Video

Here's a sneaky preview detailing the forth coming Tungsten Ultra Sink skinned hooklink material, in which our Product Development Manager Lewis summarises the main details and benefits of this super heavy, fast sinking hooklink material. Getting a new benchmark product like this dead right takes more than chucking a bit of tungsten into the skin mixture and slapping it onto an existing product... and only Lewlew has the answer.

Carp Fishing – GTD 12ft Carp Fishing Rods – Video

The exquisite 12 foot GTD rods are now available. These superb rods offer the perfect balance of controlled power whilst retaining a crisp feel, that makes the rods feel ‘alive’. Constructed on a wonderful lightweight blank that is enhanced by the use of featherweight Minima rings, and featuring top quality components and a stunning build these rods bring ‘custom rod’ looks and performance to you at a far more reasonable price than you would expect for a similar build from anywhere else...


It’s no coincidence that many great anglers have surrounded themselves and learnt from other successful, educated anglers, so this is exactly what I did. It’s been a long learning curve that’s forever evolving, but during this period I’ve gained so much knowledge and memories...

After being a carp angler for 35 years I've a fair few years of winter carping under my belt and I choose my winter waters carefully. Gone are the days of me sitting on a low stocked, deep weedy waters that's for sure. I prefer to fish weed free waters with a decent head of carp to go at and preferably a fair few big'uns amongst them.

I’ve managed over 70 fish so far this year, which has made for another great years angling. The quest for the Coconut Common will continue in the spring. Many thanks to Gardner tackle, Lewis Read, and Alan ‘Norma’ Stagg, for their ongoing support and hard work; it never goes unnoticed by me and I’m always humbled to be part of such a great firm...

Finding good spots is definitely key. Whether you take a night off from fishing or if you can spare a couple of hours in the week after work, this extra effort can really pay off. I often spend hours on end in swims leading around for those all-important small hard spots, that fish visit on a regular basis...

After three harsh frosts and sightings dwindling to a minimum, I’d decided that my autumn campaign in search of the Coconut Common had come to an end. Having fished the lake before with no cold-water bite, I felt like my chances were realistically slim to none...

My plan worked and I had another very good fish in the net. I took some shots, did a bit more filming, got him back in the water and then let him go. Once more I was feeling great with an amazing experience with a very old friend. Man, I love carp fishing all on my own. These are memories that will last a life-time.

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Gardner Tackle has been manufacturing quality carp fishing and specialist fishing tackle for 39 years. Founded in 1980 and as one of the original carp tackle companies we have been at the head of carp angling innovation and design. We are still a family run business and the ethos of producing ground-breaking carp fishing tackle that is high quality and reliable has never been diluted. Every member of the company lives and breathes all things carp fishing related. From the moment we wake (and even while we sleep!) carp and their capture are at the forefront of our minds. This translates itself into the continual development and refining of our carp focused product ranges. And with a dedicated carp fishing team, that includes some of the most well respected carp anglers in the country, you can be sure that each product has been tested to the extreme and meets the exacting standards that we strive for.


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