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Carp Fishing – Drop Out Chod Safety Clips – Video

Drop Out Chod Safety Clips are an easy and completely reliable C-Clip that we sourced as the ideal helicopter lead attachment back in 2012! Is it really 7 years? It still feels like yesterday! Since their launch, they have become a firm favourite for many specialist anglers (carp and coarse) who want the security of a lead that can pop off a heli-style rig when needed. It’s simply not necessary to drop the lead on every bite (which is both environmentally questionable and stupidly expensive) so these clips that are available in 2 strengths and drop the lead at 3lb and 6lb pull offer a great alternative to clips that discharge the lead on every bite – even if it’s a fish that doesn’t weed or snag you. They are a fantastic tidy option for lead attachment, and a product that we would never do without having used them for so long. Available from all good Gardner Tackle stockists now!

Carp Fishing – GTA “Application” 12 Foot Rods – Video

The GT Application rod is a lightweight yet powerful multi-tasking workhorse that’s suitable for spodding and spombing or leading and marker’ing activities. The build is clean and minimalist and features super lightweight Minima rings and shrink wrap handle. The action takes the labour out of the work you do – it’s not an unyielding shoulder snapping broomstick, but it most certainly is a lovely balanced tool. If you’re looking out for a new application rod you would do very well to find a better performing rod anywhere near this price bracket. A classic in the making...


I had previously held the lake record at the lake, with a mirror of 54lb captured a few years earlier, though that had recently been beaten by another carp of 57lb, so I was amazed and more than happy to see the needle spin round and stop at 57lb 8oz! I had taken my lake record back again.

I’ve recently been fishing on a lovely venue and have been enjoying some amazing sport. It’s a Fenland still water with no prior recent history of big Rudd; just stories from the early 90's of large shoals and huge Rudd being seen but never captured...

With so much water, comes that inevitable natural aura and ambience that just makes the air smell 'carpy' in the Cotswolds. Well this ticket offered a similar challenge to my other new ticket, being bigger at 45 acres, but with depths more manageable (up to 10ft), areas of dense weed, islands, but with relatively well catalogued stock, understood to be in the region of 110 or so carp, with 5 or 6 carp over the magical 40lb mark.

I knew it was a double straight away, but it was only once I lifted it out that I saw just how wide and deep it was. It was easily the widest Tench I had ever seen. I couldn't believe it when the scales bounced round to 12lb 4oz. Only 3 weeks previously I’d had a fish of a lifetime with a 12lb 2oz tench, and amazingly I had broken that PB already, and from another completely different venue as well.

The fish took a good 50-60 yards of line on its first run, before hitting the surface. The battle was far from over and we spent the next 10 minutes playing tug of war, until she began to realise I was the stronger opponent...

It was a prolonged and dogged fight but I slowly drew a chunky mirror into the folds of the waiting net. I woke up another member Simon, and he in turn helped with the weighing and pictures (I retuned the same favour later that morning). The old mirror weighed a healthy post spawn weight of 35lb 14oz. I was elated to get a carp on my first trip and get the ball rolling...

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Gardner Tackle has been manufacturing quality carp fishing and specialist fishing tackle for 39 years. Founded in 1980 and as one of the original carp tackle companies we have been at the head of carp angling innovation and design. We are still a family run business and the ethos of producing ground-breaking carp fishing tackle that is high quality and reliable has never been diluted. Every member of the company lives and breathes all things carp fishing related. From the moment we wake (and even while we sleep!) carp and their capture are at the forefront of our minds. This translates itself into the continual development and refining of our carp focused product ranges. And with a dedicated carp fishing team, that includes some of the most well respected carp anglers in the country, you can be sure that each product has been tested to the extreme and meets the exacting standards that we strive for.


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