The T-Rig is a hugely successful rig when targeting species such as Tench, Crucians and Carp. Here is a step by step on how to tie this fantastic rig.

T-Rig What You'll need

What you’ll need with the finished rig.

T-Rig Step 1

Step 1. Take a length of Trickster Heavy braid and tie a double overhand loop to form the hair.

T-Rig Step 2

Step 2. Mount an imitation buoyant caster length ways and place one sideways into the hair loop as shown. This creates the ‘T-shape’ hook bait.

T-Rig Step 3

Step 3. Add a small blob of glue onto the bottom of the lengthways caster and pull it down the hair until the two casters meet. This helps to secure them both in place.

T-Rig Step 4

Step 4. Take a Target Speci-Beaked Point hook and using a simple knotless knot, whip down the hook shank. We prefer a short hair.

T-Rig Step 5

Step 5. Thread a Target Anti-Tangle Sleeve down the hook link to prevent tangles.

T-Rig Step 6

Step 6. Tie a double overhand loop in the end of the hook link for ease of attachment.