Carp Fishing Line and Specialist Fishing Line – Gardner have been manufacturing carp fishing and specialist fishing line for decades. With this wealth of experience and the rigorous testing that our team of in-house anglers put our lines through, you can be sure that you will be buying the best fishing lines available.

Gardner Tackle’s range of excellent fishing lines encompasses products that cover the total spectrum of coarse, carp, sea and specimen angling disciplines. We go to enormous lengths to supply you with the very best quality lines, and have an expansive range of copolymer mainlines, braided Dyneema main lines and 100% PVDF Fluorocarbon.

Gardner lines have a well justified reputation for reliability, consistency and performance. The carp and specialist lines includes products like our groundbreaking  GT-HD and the amazingly robust HydroTuff main lines, as well as masterful all-rounders like our acclaimed GT80+ and Pro lines.

Our Fluorocarbon is simply the best there is! Our Mirage Fluorocarbon lines are produced with 100% pure Japanese PVDF and are made to our exacting specifications by the best manufacturer there is! The range includes 100m spools in a wide range of diameters that suit a myriad uses – form light reel lines to stiff rigs, whilst Mirage mainline is available on 200 and 600m size spools.

The sea line range includes the Sure Cast and Sure Pro mainlines, Sure Shock and Slinky leaders and Sure Flow trace materials. All these products offer outstanding performance and excellent value and have firmly established themselves as the best monofilament lines and leaders available to the sea angler.

The individual pages for all these products also include details of how to load the lines, the best knots, diameters and colours – along with other useful information that will enable you to get the very best out of our fishing lines.

Gardner are also working together with the ANLRS – Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme – in an aim to reduce waste and help protect the environment which, as anglers, we love so much. For more information on what this involves and how you can help please check out this video –

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