Pictorial Specialist Fishing Rig Tying Tutorials

Barbel Rig

What you need... Step 1. Tie a simple knotless knot using a size 10 Target Specimen hook. We prefer a short hair when using this rig. Step 2. Tie a simple double overhand loop, which makes it quick and easy to change the hooklength. Step 3. Add a couple of small [...]

T Rig

What you need... Step 1. Strip back 4 inches of coating, our favourite is 10lb Target Speciskin in gravel. Tie a double overhand loop to form the hair. Step 2. Mount an imitation buoyant maggot length ways and a buoyant caster sideways, this creates a 'T-shape' hook bait. [...]

Mohawk Rig

What you need... Step 1. Tie a small size 16 Target Specimen Hook to the length of Trickster braid using your prefered knot. Step 2. Pierce a piece of bouyant Enterprise Tackle imitation corn through the narrow end first with a baiting needle as shown. Step 3. Thread [...]

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