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Carp Fishing – Bloomin’ Nora! Part 2 – Adam Whittington

There is an assumption that carp approach a bait always come in a line, opposite the lead. It’s classic positioning in any rig diagram and it’s utter twaddle! If you have, for example, a six inch hooklink lying perfectly straight as the manuals say, a fish sucking from opposite the lead has almost no movement of the bait...

Carp Fishing – Bloomin’ Nora! – Adam Whittington

One September afternoon Andy and I were in our usual position, namely bellies to the ground and noses poking out the marginal greenery. On this occasion Andy’s small bottom bait was so close to us that, if he had held my feet, I could have picked his rig up by hand. Sitting over the top of the bait was a mirror carp, well over forty pounds and utterly exquisite...

XL-Kicker Rig

Step 1. Start off by choosing a skinned hooklink that is totally reliable. We chose... Step 2. Strip back 15cm of skin, so you have enough unmcoated braid to form a a hair and attach the hook. Step 3. Form a loop in the end of the stripped braid. This [...]

Extended Slip-D Rig

There’s little doubt that rig evolution often involves drawing together aspects of rig design that work and applying new components to come up with something that is more effective than previous versions of similar rigs. That’s exactly the format of the development of the Extended Slip-D. The original Slip-D, as popularised by our friend Martin [...]

The CVR Mag Aligner Rig

Some carp angling methods evolve into something truly extraordinary! Whereby the overall effectiveness of bringing together the right components and bait coalesce to create a method that is so effective it’s positively scary! And possibly the most significant example of this is the Magaligner. On face value the Magaligner could be seen as ‘just [...]

The BCR Multi Rig

When it comes to targeting a big fish water or trying to capture a particular target fish using thoroughly tried and tested rigs is a very good thing!! Most waters that fall into this category require a huge effort to crack - and the last thing you really want to do is flick out [...]

Slip D Rig

The Slip D Rig has accounted for thousands of carp across the UK and main land Europe. It was first invented by Martin Clarke way back in 1986-87 season at Woburn Sands. At the time the rig was first tied using a large ring and dental floss as a hooklink and although it looked a [...]

November 8th, 2017|Carp Rig Tying, Rig Tying|

The Roddie Rig

We all know how good the conventional chod rig is at presenting a pop up hookbait down over all sorts of stuff on the bottom; bits of weed, silt and leaves, giving the perfect presentation every time. However, on occasions it can be a little bit blatant. The Roddie is a hugely effective alternative to [...]

October 18th, 2017|Carp Rig Tying, Rig Tying|