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The Peperami Rig

Oh the delicious greasy spicy filth that is the Peperami is almost irresistible to carp and it seems to trigger some inherent ‘eat me now’ instinct in our carpy quarry. It must be akin to a dirty Donor Kebab for some of us. There’s just something in the ‘Rami that tantalises the carp’s metaphoric taste [...]

The CVR Mag Aligner Rig

Some carp angling methods evolve into something truly extraordinary! Whereby the overall effectiveness of bringing together the right components and bait coalesce to create a method that is so effective it’s positively scary! And possibly the most significant example of this is the Magaligner. On face value the Magaligner could be seen as ‘just [...]

The BCR Multi Rig

When it comes to targeting a big fish water or trying to capture a particular target fish using thoroughly tried and tested rigs is a very good thing!! Most waters that fall into this category require a huge effort to crack - and the last thing you really want to do is flick out [...]

The Specialist Sharpened Clone Rig

Classic D-Rig bottom bait rigs have been around a LONG time – for the simple reason that they work! It’s a presentation that offers amazing consistency in the way that the rig lays out after the lead and reached the lake bed - and then settles down nicely. It’s a fantastic alternative to hinged stiff, [...]

The Specialist Sharpened Horton Rig

The Horton Rig was the brain child of Gardner Team member Lee Wagner, whilst fishing on the hallowed banks of the R.K Horton Kingsmead Complex. It is essentially a presentation tailored to catch the fish that are showing over an area that is both firm and relatively weed free - and is his own tweaked [...]

The Turbo German Rig

After the enormous success of the Ronnie Rig, and the improvement in rig mechanics and reaction simply by putting a Covert XT Kwik Lok Flexi Ring Swivel onto the eye of the Mugga hook, it wasn’t much of a leap forward to apply the same tweak onto the already successful German rig to give the [...]

The NS Rig (Nice and Simple Rig)

The initials NS stand for ‘Nice and Simple’ and the rig is just that, very simple to tie but ultra-effective. It’s constructed using a size 6 Covert Dark Incizor and a length of Stiff Ultra Skin. The rig has all the mechanics of a sliding D presentation and it has a small section of coating [...]

The Roddie Rig

We all know how good the conventional chod rig is at presenting a pop up hookbait down over all sorts of stuff on the bottom; bits of weed, silt and leaves, giving the perfect presentation every time. However, on occasions it can be a little bit blatant. The Roddie is a hugely effective alternative to [...]

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The Ronnie Rig

Hook Stops and Swivels. Recommended hooklink. Step 1. Start by cutting a 1cm length of Large Covert Shrink Tube. Step 2. Position the shrink tube onto the hook shank before mounting the size 12 Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivel onto the hook eye**. Step 3. Pull the [...]

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The Secrets Out – Get on the ‘Ronnie’ – by Lewis Read

There's rigs and there are RIGS... Some stand the test of time and work year after year, others are more transient in nature, with tangible benefits being a figment of a twisted mind, but not offering any genuine advantage in terms of catching carp! This one however is very special, and it's a rig that’s [...]

The Birth of The “Hinged Stiff Rig”

On the whole, my angling has always been epitomised by a slow Darwinian like progression of understanding – from rigs and baits to a very basic conceptual understanding of what (sometimes) works and why. The fact of the matter is that there have few leaps in that slow development but one that stands [...]

Give ’em Some Rope… – Ian Stott

Long hook lengths. For as long as I can remember this has been one of my favourite means of catching carp. Now I'm not talking about zig fishing, I'm talking about actual long hook lengths for bottom bait rigs and pop up presentations. Rigs that are simply much longer than what is considered [...]