Oh the delicious greasy spicy filth that is the Peperami is almost irresistible to carp and it seems to trigger some inherent ‘eat me now’ instinct in our carpy quarry. It must be akin to a dirty Donor Kebab for some of us. There’s just something in the ‘Rami that tantalises the carp’s metaphoric taste buds!

This effect is particularly noticeable whilst the water temperatures are still relatively low, probably due to the slower rate at which the meaty/spicy oily attraction leaches out in the cool water – not to fast and not to slow.

Rigs don’t need to be complex. Just cast iron tried and tested hooking mechanics and an uncluttered presentation with either a CVR or Mugga hook with the hair trapped opposite the barb so the hook has the propensity to ‘go in’ bend first and be in the perfect position to nick you a good hook hold.

The simple rig’s effectiveness is boosted and enhanced by a couple of cheeky little tweaks that ensure maximum attraction, great presentation and quicker rig reaction.

First off the ‘Rami is trimmed of most of its skin, making it into a cylinder of bait mounted lengthways on the hair. De-skinning it opens up the almost gooey luscious meaty innards to allow all ‘tut flavour to flood out’. Delicious!

There’s no need to chuck the trimmings in the bushes as rat fodder either, hell NO! Adding these chops and slithers into the dot pellet helps even more of the pungent flavours to be released aiding overall attraction with the dot pellet – which inevitably take on a bit of the oily attraction too.

Leaving a tag on the 50p sized bag of pellet allows you to wrap it around the shank as shown, trapping the hair in place and maintaining your rigs effectiveness – as twisted hairs will inhibit the hook dropping properly once inhaled, and this can cause hook pulls.

Finally, the hookbait is balanced with a mere slither of Zig Rig Foam. The Peperami is already relatively light weight, so you really only need a tiny bit to make the hookbait sit up over the pellet. This offers a couple of little advantages. Firstly, the dot of Zig Rig Foam offers a tantalising speck of colour for the fish to home in on, and secondly it also means the rig and hook bait combo is balanced and reacts quicker than the carp expects as it’s difficult for the feeding fish to regulate or control the suck as they hoover up the little patch of goodness. Don’t forget to check the balance – it’s REALLY easy to overdo it and end up with a mini zig!

The nicely balanced hookbait should sit just above the hook, that is lying on the lake bed, and it will fly further into the carp’s mouth ensuring the little hooklink tightens quicker and the curved hook drops down and takes hold. BINGO!

Tie it up and fling it amongst active fish and then just send us your photos – and for the love of Ullah The Carp God don’t forget to smile as your holding up your prize, it’s much carpier than looking miserable in your catch shots!

Step 1. Take 12 inches Inches of 25lb Ultra Skin.

Step 2. Take a Peel and Pull Stripper tool and remove 10cm of coating.

Step 3. Form a small hair loop.

Step 4. Tie a knotless knot and leave a long hair as shown.

Step 5. Take a snmall peice of Covert Silicone Tubing and thread it down the hooklink.

Step 6. Postion over the shank of the hook as shown.

Step 7. Tie a fig. of 8 loop knot in the end of the hooklink.

Step 8. Take a piece of Peperami.

Step 9. Thread onto the hair length ways as shown.

Step 10. Trim off the edges and save these off cuts.

Step 11. Take a small peice of Gardner Zig Rig Foam.

Step 12. Trim the foam down as shown.

Step 13. It should sit nicely of the back of the Peperami as shown, making the hook bait sit up off the lake bed by the length of the hair.

Step 14. Take the small off cuts of Peperami and add a pinch of small pellets.

Step 15. Make a small PVA bag as shown.

Step 16. Knick the hook through the PVA and wrap the tag around the hair and secure by hooking it over the hook point.

The Finished Rig.