Carp Hints and Tips

Carp Fishing – Location, Location, Location – Jim Chisnall

Location of carp in the colder months can be hard… There are multiple factors that put the odds into your favour and against your favour. Size of lake, stock, depth, climate, angling pressure, bait restrictions, club or syndicate rules and everyone’s love or hate “time”.

Carp Fishing – A Confident Approach – Harry Hogan

Ultimately, I always want to be sitting behind my rods knowing I have full confidence that I am on fish and fishing effectively for them! In my opinion, confidence catches you fish. My honest advice would be to never go to a new lake, fishing rigs or bait that you’ve never used before....

Carp Fishing – Custom Cork Ball Pop-Ups – Tom Oliver

So why make your own pop ups and why use cork balls as opposed to a standard pop up mix? For me personally, there is nothing better than catching a fish on something you have lovingly hand rolled yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to take your hookbaits to the next level...

Carp Fishing – Bloomin’ Nora! Part 2 – Adam Whittington

There is an assumption that carp approach a bait always come in a line, opposite the lead. It’s classic positioning in any rig diagram and it’s utter twaddle! If you have, for example, a six inch hooklink lying perfectly straight as the manuals say, a fish sucking from opposite the lead has almost no movement of the bait...

Carp Fishing – Bloomin’ Nora! – Adam Whittington

One September afternoon Andy and I were in our usual position, namely bellies to the ground and noses poking out the marginal greenery. On this occasion Andy’s small bottom bait was so close to us that, if he had held my feet, I could have picked his rig up by hand. Sitting over the top of the bait was a mirror carp, well over forty pounds and utterly exquisite...

Carp Fishing – Why Fish In Weed? – Matt Eaton

From the carp's perspective there is just so much going for areas of the lake that are full of vegetation. Freshwater shrimps, several species of water snail, mussels and other natural food abound in the green stuff. In addition, the fish are afforded both safety and security and weed emits oxygen.

Carp Fishing – The Ultimate Edge – Ash Bailey

Finding good spots is definitely key. Whether you take a night off from fishing or if you can spare a couple of hours in the week after work, this extra effort can really pay off. I often spend hours on end in swims leading around for those all-important small hard spots, that fish visit on a regular basis...

Carp Fishing ~ Give ’em a good kicking! ~ Lewis Read

Hooking Arrangements Cyclic fads and the constantly changing fashions in carp rigs sometimes undermine us angler's perception of some amazingly affective ‘tried and tested’ hooking arrangements. I guess that it’s just the way we’re programmed making it absolutely natural for us super keen carpers to assume that new rigs somehow supersede the [...]

Carp Fishing ~ My Balanced Bait Hook Aligner Rig ~ By Lewis Read

To my mind consistent and effective presentation is broadly reliant upon two basic requirements being fulfilled by the angler. The first is making the right choice of the correct lead arrangement – as this directly impacts upon the way the terminal tackle lies on (or in) the lake bed and how it avoids tangling. [...]

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