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The Secrets Out – Get on the ‘Ronnie’ – by Lewis Read

There's rigs and there are RIGS... Some stand the test of time and work year after year, others are more transient in nature, with tangible benefits being a figment of a twisted mind, but not offering any genuine advantage in terms of catching carp! This one however is very special, and it's a rig that’s [...]

The Birth of The “Hinged Stiff Rig”

On the whole, my angling has always been epitomised by a slow Darwinian like progression of understanding – from rigs and baits to a very basic conceptual understanding of what (sometimes) works and why. The fact of the matter is that there have few leaps in that slow development but one that stands [...]

Give ’em Some Rope… – Ian Stott

Long hook lengths. For as long as I can remember this has been one of my favourite means of catching carp. Now I'm not talking about zig fishing, I'm talking about actual long hook lengths for bottom bait rigs and pop up presentations. Rigs that are simply much longer than what is considered [...]

Carp Fishing – Short Session Success – By Tony Welch

Short sessions to some anglers may be something like 30 odd hours on the bank. That sort of time for me these days would be heavenly! At present I manage a very quick night three times a month, literally heading for the lake at 8pm and finding my way home by 10:30am the following [...]

Carp Fishing – Marking It Out – By Lewis Read

Why walk your rods out over using marker sticks? Is there really any significant difference? All you’re doing with either method is measuring out the range to a clip in a controlled way so that you can repeat it and gain metronomic consistency with your casting range… Hit the clip – down she goes [...]

Carp Fishing – Camflex Leaders – They’re Flecking Good! – By Lewis Read

Leadcore materials have been popular as a means of disguising the last few feet of line since the 90’s (how time flies) and in that time these products have evolved from the base lead wire trolling lines we used to refined leader materials that are perfect for carp and specialist anglers requirements. Whilst we [...]

Carp Fishing – The (almost) Forgotten Art Of Rolling Your Own Bait – By Sam Meeuwissen

Browsing an angling forum recently I noticed a few posts asking for help and advice regarding the rolling of boilies for the first time. Many a seasoned angler will already be familiar with the art of creating a bespoke carp or barbel bait, but what of the relative newcomer to the undeniably confusing world [...]

Carp Fishing – Surface Fun – By Lewis Baldwin

Surface fishing for carp, on its day it can be the most productive, frustrating, rewarding and exciting form of fishing we can do. Whether targeting a big shoal of fish that have been whipped into a feeding frenzy by careful and constant baiting or identifying a lone fish of specimen size, surface fishing is [...]

Carp Fishing – Staying Versatile – By Craig Mortimer

The one aspect I love about carp fishing is staying versatile and ringing the changes. Fishing to different situations and conditions, always staying ahead of the game and making sure the bites keep coming. One session I will never forget is a 24 hour trip I experienced few weeks back, when I landed 11 [...]

Carp Fishing – Bring Me Sunshine – By Tony Welch

With the daylight hours rapidly increasing combined with the warmth of the sun, fish activity will be increasing on all lakes. Spring can be hit and miss for carp angling due to the weather and the time it takes the sunlight to penetrate and individual lakes to warm up. I've had some brilliant sessions [...]

Carp Fishing – The Key To Overnight Sessions – By Craig Mortimer

As some of you might know, I tend to do a lot of quick overnighters each week. My time is very restricted due to working a normal 9am-5pm Monday to Friday job and being restricted to twenty days holiday per year. Leaving little time to do mid-week sessions, which only leaves weekends, which are [...]

Carp Fishing – Spring Is Here – Well Almost! – By Mike Willmott

Now I expect most of you, just like me, are awaiting the arrival of spring with eager anticipation! I must say, I haven’t fished a lot this winter passed, so I’m looking forward to making up for it during the coming months, but with such a hectic lifestyle these days, I’m not counting my [...]

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