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Carp Fishing – Spring Is Here – Well Almost! – By Mike Willmott

Now I expect most of you, just like me, are awaiting the arrival of spring with eager anticipation! I must say, I haven’t fished a lot this winter passed, so I’m looking forward to making up for it during the coming months, but with such a hectic lifestyle these days, I’m not counting my [...]

End Tackle According To… Mike Willmott

NAME: Mike Willmott EXPERIENCE: Just the 40-years! FAVOURITE LAKE: Springwood Pool ALL-TIME BEST BAIT: Easy - B5 MY NUMBER ONE RIG IS: The one that catches my next carp! WEIRDEST THING YOU’VE SEEN A CARP DO? Leap out and try to head butt me whilst hanging just above the lake surface from a tree over [...]

Back in the zone by Mike Willmott

If you've ever thought about purchasing some land outside the permitted residential development boundary, submitting plans, spending years fighting the local planning authority, spending copious amounts of money on planning consultants and architects, self project managing the build, moving house and business – don’t bother! At least not if you want to go fishing now [...]

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