Gardner Tackle’s articles. Written by our team of highly experienced carp and specialist anglers.

Coarse Fishing – Waiting for Spring – Rob Young

I was really looking forward to getting back on some of my favourite waters, chasing Tench on big pits or mega hard pits. There were three main waters I had in mind, the largest one going up to 120 acres. All three of them have their own problems, i.e restricted areas, restricted fishing times...

Carp Fishing – Wet, Windy and Wild, Welly Winter – Carl Udry

Welly is generally very shallow with average depths of only 4-5ft. It does drop deeper in some specific areas, but the majority is consistent in depth. This is what can make it productive in the winter if you do the classic things like stay mobile and keep eyes and ears always open.

Coarse Fishing – How To Target Big Rudd – Alan Stagg

Along with many other anglers I always look forward to the summer months, especially the traditional start of season, and when 16th June arrives rudd are normally uppermost in my thoughts. In the south of England the large gravel and sand pits produce some of the finest specimen rudd fishing the country has to offer...

Coarse Fishing – Crucian Carp Bait and Tactics – Alan Stagg

Crucians have traditionally been known as a tentative feeder, and sensitive float fishing tactics at dawn and dusk have been the accepted textbook way to target this species. I think that it would be fair to say that as specimen fishing has moved forward a little since then and tackle, techniques and rigs have become more refined.

Coarse Fishing – Historic Chub Haul – Kane Hammond

During the last 7-8 seasons I’ve fell in love with a brilliant method, trotting for chub. Each winter my dad and I head down to the banks of the Dorset stour in search of its specimen chub. This river is by far my favourite for the species and I really couldn’t think of a better place to target a huge chub.

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