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Specimen Catch Reports

Coarse Fishing – Autumn and Winter Chub Fishing – Rob Young

Summertime is the best time for fish spotting, as the river will be running clear most the time. Big chub often giving themselves away, so it is not usually too hard to find them. Early in the morning, during the evening or in the afternoon sun are all great times for fish spotting...

Coarse Fishing – My Barbel Edges – Rob Young

When I first started using this method my catch rate went through the roof as this also allows me to drop into a swim in the dark and with one cast land directly on the hot spot with very little disturbance. Twice now, I have dropped into a swim, and within 20 minutes I have hooked into 15lb+ Barbel...

Coarse Fishing – Chub Like Buses – Mike Lyddon

At first, I thought it was indeed a barbel, but after a heavy thumping battle in the flow, I saw the brassy flanks of a big chub surface. A couple more nervous minutes followed, before I managed to slide it over the drawstring into the net. Straight away I could see it was probably a '6'; a target I had been chasing for years.

Coarse Fishing – Spring Tench Fishing Part 2 – Rob Young

The next morning came and went, and nothing happened. The whole lake looked dead, as an easterly wind had picked up. I decided to sit it out in my current swim and was rewarded on the third morning of my session with an 8lb 14oz female. Then on the last morning, I managed a 6lb 6oz female tough going was the word, but I went home happy.

Coarse Fishing – A Year in the Life of a Specimen Hunter – Jamie Martin

I had also started pike fishing in the November, and this started off with a bang, with the capture of a scraper 20 already and then only a couple of weeks later a dream fish came into my net. At 47” long and so close to my target weight she weighed in at 29lb 3oz!

Specimen Fishing – My Life in Pike Fishing – by Jamie Martin

By the age of 5, I was bugging my dad every weekend to go fishing. Rain or shine, snow or hail, it didn’t matter to me I just wanted to be outside next to the water. I still remember what he used to say to me “when you can swim, then I’ll take you” so I learnt to swim pretty sharpish...

Coarse Fishing – 2019 Speci Hero – Mike Lyddon

I knew it was a double straight away, but it was only once I lifted it out that I saw just how wide and deep it was. It was easily the widest Tench I had ever seen. I couldn't believe it when the scales bounced round to 12lb 4oz. Only 3 weeks previously I’d had a fish of a lifetime with a 12lb 2oz tench, and amazingly I had broken that PB already, and from another completely different venue as well.

Coarse Fishing ~ Light at the end of the Tunnel ~ Lewis Baldwin

2017 was the year that never got off the ground, well at least where my fishing was concerned anyway! Don’t get me wrong, I still managed a few sessions throughout the course of the year however they would have collectively totalled my usual monthly average time on the bank [...]

Coarse Fishing – A Winter Pike Session to Remember – By Lewis Baldwin

If you’re a river predator angler, then the last few months have been pretty awful! With nothing but dirty brown floodwater filling our running waters for what has seemed like an eternity, with opportunities to do some pike fishing having been limited to say the very least. We have floods every year but I [...]

Coarse Fishing – Mega Crucian Brace – By Mike Lyddon

Over the last few years, I have always got out and fished over the New Year period, and this year was to be no different. However, my original venue of choice, the River Severn, was a whopping 6.7 metres up at the time and consequently flooded right across all the neighbouring fields. A far [...]

Coarse Fishing – My Quest For A Big Pike – By Alan Stagg

During the late autumn months I often find myself packing away my barbel and chub kit for the season as in recent years I have found myself spending most of the colder winter months in search of big pike. Pursuing big pike can become very addictive and when targeting any species to specimen sizes [...]

Coarse Fishing – 2015 Round Up – By Lewis Baldwin

It’s safe to say that 2015 has been a year I won’t forget in a hurry. I’ve caught some amazing fish from a variety of venues and mid-way through the year I had the pleasure of becoming a dad for the first time. Great memories have been created by the bucket load during the [...]