Specimen Hints and Tips

Coarse Fishing – How To Target Big Rudd – Alan Stagg

Along with many other anglers I always look forward to the summer months, especially the traditional start of season, and when 16th June arrives rudd are normally uppermost in my thoughts. In the south of England the large gravel and sand pits produce some of the finest specimen rudd fishing the country has to offer...

Coarse Fishing – Crucian Carp Bait and Tactics – Alan Stagg

Crucians have traditionally been known as a tentative feeder, and sensitive float fishing tactics at dawn and dusk have been the accepted textbook way to target this species. I think that it would be fair to say that as specimen fishing has moved forward a little since then and tackle, techniques and rigs have become more refined.

Coarse Fishing – Ten Tips for Winter Fishing – Dai Gribble

To be successful when fishing in the middle of winter it is essential to keep a close eye on the weather and make your plans accordingly. Dai Gribble gives us 10 top tips for catching on waters during the colder months, either on rivers or on stillwaters.

Coarse Fishing – Spring Tench Fishing – Rob Young

My real love in angling is Tench fishing, and it’s mainly on the big pits where all my serious tench fishing is done. I’ve been doing this since the mid-1970s, so I think it’s fair to say I’m addicted to big pit fishing, but most of the ideas and methods in this article will work on any water, of any size.

Coarse Fishing – A Winter Pike Session to Remember – By Lewis Baldwin

If you’re a river predator angler, then the last few months have been pretty awful! With nothing but dirty brown floodwater filling our running waters for what has seemed like an eternity, with opportunities to do some pike fishing having been limited to say the very least. We have floods every year but I [...]

Coarse Fishing – K.I.S.S – By Lewis Baldwin

For as long as I can remember my barbel fishing has been focused around location. Finding where the fish like to be at different times throughout the season and once located keeping my methods minimalistic and simple. The less components that are used to make a rig, the less there is to go wrong. [...]

How To Up Your PB Perch by Alan Stagg

Perch are a species that are often synonymous with cold winters, yet autumn and the early winter months of September, October and November are a great time to target perch. Often they can be fairly plump at this time of the year as they prepare for the onset of winter and will often feed heavily [...]

Coarse Fishing – Winter Barbel Fishing Part 2 – By Lewis Baldwin

Imagine we are now leaving the summer behind, the greens will be turning to golds, browns and oranges and the nights will be gradually getting longer. What does this mean for the nation’s barbel anglers? Well we certainly need to start thinking about what bait we are using and more importantly how it’s going to [...]

Coarse Fishing – Winter Barbel Fishing Part 1 – By Lewis Baldwin

Barbel fishing throughout the winter months can be a very hit and miss affair. If you get it right and fish when conditions are great then the results can be spectacular - but if the conditions are poor (which is the case more often than not) then unless you put your hookbait on the nose [...]

Specimen Fishing – Something To Get Your Teeth Into – By Mike Lyddon

Well, hopefully by the time you are reading this, the weather will have finally cooled off enough to dig out the old pike gear again and I will have put away the summer gear. Lovely though the long summer has been, I am glad to see the back of it. Not only as with my [...]

Coarse Fishing – September/October Blog – By Alan Stagg

This autumn I have been bang into my barbel fishing. After gaining a ticket to a rather special stretch of a Thames Tributary, I decided to dedicate a fair amount of my time trying to track down and catch some of its big, yet nomadic residents. I have fished some hard and low stock section [...]

Coarse Fishing – Dreaming Of Bream – By Mike Lyddon

Where do I start with this piece, well if I am honest, I think the best place to start is by asking you to read (or hopefully re-read) Alan Stagg’s article entitled ‘Bream Dream’ last month, as this one runs alongside and follows on after Alan’s piece. Going back a few months, I too was [...]

Rigs over the River Wye by Sam Meeuwissen

Picture the scene: Low water levels, high light levels, barbel that have probably been hammered in the weeks leading up to my visit, a complete change of scenery, totally varied aquatic topography and a few as yet unknown technical challenges thrown in for good measure. All in all a perfect set of circumstances to charge [...]

The ‘Mohawk’ rig by Sam Meeuwiseen

Here’s a rig that I have been using very successfully on the quiet for several years now. It's one that I have found exceedingly effective when fishing gravel pits targeting bream, tench and carp. Tying the rig is very simple and all you need to construct it is a grain of Enterprise Tackle Pop Up [...]

Coarse Fishing – The Mag-aligner Rig for Chub – By Alan Stagg

When it comes to tricking wily chub there is one rig that does the business and that’s the mag-aligner. The rig was devised by two hugely successful big carp anglers who cleverly incorporated an Enterprise Tackle Mag-aligner grub slid over the eye of the hook, creating a line aligner effect which ensures that the hook [...]

Helicopter rigs for Roach & Rudd by Alan Stagg

Targeting Roach and Rudd lends itself to two very different methods; the float and the feeder. The float is the more traditional approach of the two and wading out in the shallow margins spraying maggots can lead to some good fun fishing. When the winds strengthen, things can become difficult on the vast open water [...]

Time to Chew on Something Else by Mike Lyddon

Well, this article was originally planned to be one telling you all of our amazing exploits of non-stop hauling of twenties and thirties from pike mecca Chew, but alas after spending a few days there in November (not to mention quite a few quid in the process), we came away with just three fish landed. [...]

The Colour of Magic by Mike Lyddon

Well what an abysmal few months we’ve had for fishing recently, if it wasn’t biblical levels of rainfall turning the rivers from meandering streams into raging torrents bursting their banks and flooding the surrounding countryside, it was the eternal biting cold winds blowing across the land with a daily occurrence. It was in fact this [...]

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