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Carp Fishing ~ Dropping The Lead ~ Sam Meeuwissen

An investigation into the risks surrounding discharging of anglers (legal sized) lead weights into freshwater. Sam Meeuwissen, BCSG. September 2017. Introduction: The common practise amongst anglers to either deposit, discharge or eject the lead weight, either during the take or during the fight, has become a topic of contention amongst [...]

Carp Fishing – Going Afloat Part 2 – By Sam Meeuwissen

Glass bottomed bucket. An optional extra, but one that used will become your new best friend. Literally, a window into another world which is like watching your own live action underwater TV show. Large areas of the lake bed can be examined for evidence of fish feeding, baited areas can be checked at a [...]

Carp Fishing – Going Afloat Part 1- By Sam Meeuwissen

London to Birmingham is an hour and a half by car, 1 hour by train and 2 weeks by boat. The latter being by far the best way to travel in my opinion, it's more fun and you get to soak in the sights whilst drifting lazily along. Boats have been a part of [...]

Coarse Fishing – Winter Barbel Tips, Trips, Trials and Tribulations by Sam Meeuwissen

Deepest Winter. It can conjure up such romantic images such as walking over crisply frozen grass on a frosty winter’s morn’ with cute little robins and all that. In reality it can be a cold, windswept, frostbitten and somewhat arduous task to get the rods out for a few hours. My serious advice if you [...]

Rigs over the River Wye by Sam Meeuwissen

Picture the scene: Low water levels, high light levels, barbel that have probably been hammered in the weeks leading up to my visit, a complete change of scenery, totally varied aquatic topography and a few as yet unknown technical challenges thrown in for good measure. All in all a perfect set of circumstances to charge [...]

The ‘Mohawk’ rig by Sam Meeuwiseen

Here’s a rig that I have been using very successfully on the quiet for several years now. It's one that I have found exceedingly effective when fishing gravel pits targeting bream, tench and carp. Tying the rig is very simple and all you need to construct it is a grain of Enterprise Tackle Pop Up [...]

Thames Ramblings by Sam Meeuwissen

Whilst winding its tranquil path through the English countryside, the River Thames has captured the imagination, hearts and minds of generations of anglers. Indeed, my Grandfather fished the Thames for the best part of 50 years, whilst my Dad has spent a similar amount of time both afloat and bank side on this most famous [...]

Wye oh Wye – by Sam Meeuwissen

The ever intrepid trio of Lewis Read, Dr Eric Roberts and Sam Meeuwissen recently spent a most enjoyable day on an idyllic stretch in the middle reaches of the prolific River Wye. With a couple of miles to themselves, after a good scout about they settled at the top end of the beat in an [...]

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