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Carp Catch Reports

Carp Fishing – House of Commons Part 1 – James Chisnall

Much to our amazement it was 39lb 14oz! Wow, an early Christmas present. My friend did me some great shots and we returned the fish. I sat drinking a tea thinking “this is awesome”. The only issue was once I had written about this epic adventure it was going to be even more like Piccadilly Circus. The rest of the night past with zero action, but I did not care, a December 39lb’er, and a new lake record…

Carp Fishing – Christmas Crackers – Louise Bowes

I stood poised over the rod then as the line pulled out of the clip, I lifted the rod to find myself into another carp, but this one felt a bit bigger. It was slower, more plodding, and stripping line as it went on a solid run. As I looked around for the net, I realized my dilemma. I had the handle at my feet, but the mesh was by the mat...

Carp Fishing – Bobbing Around – David Gaskin

Early in the afternoon Dave repeated a demonstration of his tactical supremacy and landed one of the longest commons I have ever seen, weighing in at over 50lb! Luckily, I got in on the action with a 48lb mirror before the end of play! The following day we managed another 3 bites before the weather took a turn for the worse and the fishing slowed.

Carp Fishing – A Year Of Two Halves – Carl Udry

2019 has been a year of two very different halves. The first half saw the inevitable running down of the final 6 months of a wonderful three years angling on the awesome Wellington Country Park (aka Welly). I have written a comprehensive account of my time on this special venue that will be published in the New Year...

Carp Fishing – No Holds Barred – George Benos

It was early February, and as the days were starting to draw out that little bit longer, there were the first very subtle signs that spring was just around the corner and everything was starting to come to life once more; and I found myself once again hatching plans for a full on no [...]

Carp Fishing – Craig Clumps ‘Em – Craig Smithson

I fished for three nights and over the course of the weekend I landed two 20lb mirrors to 27lb 10oz. I was due back down the following down the following Thursday for another 3 nights and that trip I had 4 bites losing one and landing, a 24lb 14oz mirror, a 41lb 14oz mirror (a repeat from June) and a 13lb 8oz stockie.

Carp Fishing – The Big Carp Mind Set – Nigel Sharp

After being a carp angler for 35 years I've a fair few years of winter carping under my belt and I choose my winter waters carefully. Gone are the days of me sitting on a low stocked, deep weedy waters that's for sure. I prefer to fish weed free waters with a decent head of carp to go at and preferably a fair few big'uns amongst them.

Carp Fishing – Jimbo’s Travels – Jim Chisnall

I’ve managed over 70 fish so far this year, which has made for another great years angling. The quest for the Coconut Common will continue in the spring. Many thanks to Gardner tackle, Lewis Read, and Alan ‘Norma’ Stagg, for their ongoing support and hard work; it never goes unnoticed by me and I’m always humbled to be part of such a great firm...

Carp Fishing – When The Stars Align – Tommy De Cleen

My plan worked and I had another very good fish in the net. I took some shots, did a bit more filming, got him back in the water and then let him go. Once more I was feeling great with an amazing experience with a very old friend. Man, I love carp fishing all on my own. These are memories that will last a life-time.

Carp Fishing – Fully Primed – Mark Betteridge

We are all guilty of setting up in a swim and hoping it will happen at some point in the day, but sometimes it doesn't. Therefore, it is not always best to put all your eggs in one basket. One key technique for maximising opportunities is to bait a few margin spots around the lake, on the off chance an extra opportunity appears.

Carp Fishing – One Chance – One Barb – Louise Bowes

The fish took a bit of line on solid runs that I wasn’t going to even try and stop, even if I could. I gained a bit of ground before it took off again. As the fight drew nearer to the bank, I lowered my other two rods to get them out of the way and after one final burst I slid the net under the fish before taking a look inside.

Carp Fishing – No Carp Corner – Andy Muir

I moved round to the second swim that I had seen fish in; a quiet corner of the lake known as “No Carp Corner” where there was a small group of fish browsing the top of the marginal shelf. I climbed the tree in the swim and watched their movements for a while, looking for the best spot to place the rig and waiting for them to leave the area...

Carp Fishing – Testing Times – Ronnie de Cleen

After getting everything sorted it took some time before I got my first bite after the disturbance of finding spots and baiting; this was after sunset. I was happy with the first one, after the preceding 11 nights blanking, and it turned out to be a high double. After returning this one the other rod was off, and this fish turned out a low twenty.

Carp Fishing – Du Pain, Du Vin, Du Poisson – Mike Lyddon

I had previously held the lake record at the lake, with a mirror of 54lb captured a few years earlier, though that had recently been beaten by another carp of 57lb, so I was amazed and more than happy to see the needle spin round and stop at 57lb 8oz! I had taken my lake record back again.