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Carp Fishing ~ The Long Road (Part 2) ~ Dan Chart

As the new season became ever closer I received a call from a friend who invited me to a really special syndicate and it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. The six-acre lake in question was close to the Longfield site and offered angling unparallelled to anything I’d ever experienced. With only 10 members, [...]

Carp Fishing ~ The Long Road (Part 1) by Dan Chart

It actually frightens the life out of me when I consider the duration of my association with the compact little complex of Colne valley lakes named ‘Longfield’. I was recently reminded that it has actually been over 11 years since I first opened the gates to what I consider to be a fantastic [...]

Carp Fishing – Afraid of the Dark – By ‘Nice’ Dan Chart

I simply cannot believe how fast this year has gone! I’ve had a really hard year, trying to find the time to get the sticks out. When I have managed to go I’ve really savoured the moment of just being there, rather than concentrating on my angling. It was during one of these savouring [...]

The Cats Whisker by ‘Nice’ Dan Chart

Having got my campaign off to the best possible start imaginable (https://gardnertackle.co.uk/2013/06/new-venue-new-challenge-by-dan-chart/), I was naturally very keen to return to Fox Pool to see if my good luck would continue... Over the month of June, I managed to sneak in a few quick overnighters, and gain some all important knowledge of the behaviour and movement [...]

New Venue, New Challenge by Dan Chart

2012 saw the lakes on the Longfield complex being sold by Cemex Angling to a private investor. With renewed enthusiasm, the face lift Fox Pool undertook during the close season was a credit to the bailiffs who worked tirelessly every weekend. I knew the stock was incredible, with a large number of the carp being [...]

Come on the Spring by Dan Chart

Despite good intentions to fish throughout the winter, I just didn’t have the desire to put myself through the weather we just had so instead, decided to keep an eye on the lake over the cold months and see if it was worth doing a bit. Before the cold snap kicked in at the back [...]