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Carp Fishing – Constantly Learning – Rick Golder

Looking back on my captures in recent years, they largely fall into a few different categories. There are those where I have been plain lucky, those when I have gone with the crowd and caught, some that I have really had to work hard for, and then those from which I’ve learnt different things...

Carp Fishing – Kick Starting the New Year – Rick Golder

By the time we reached January this year I felt ready to get out fishing again after family circumstances had meant it had been several months since I’d been out. During that time, I had kept my finger on the carping pulse, staying in contact with a few close friends, and then early in [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Blog Part 2 – By Rick Golder

Continuing on from my last blog, I’d had a single night session on the new water, a venue which only contains a handful of carp. My target was a historic old mirror, which was a daunting prospect in a 16 acre snag ridden and feature filled pit. The positives were that the lake was [...]

Carp Fishing – Autumn Blog Part 1 – By Rick Golder

During early August I began thinking about my autumn fishing, and where I wanted to fish more precisely. During the summer school holiday months I tend to only do single nights, fishing close to home and taking the kids for a few sessions. I’d taken my older boy to a club lake a couple [...]

Carp Fishing – August Blog – By Rick Golder

With the school holidays upon us, my fishing time became more restricted, and my mid-week time would now need to be spent splitting days off with my wife to look after the children and work. That said, I knew I’d still be able to do one overnight session per week and on these overnight sessions [...]