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Carp Fishing – Review of My Year 2020 – Rick Golder

The first week of March was when I saw my first fish, as late one night I heard one crash out in the darkness, and the following morning another showed in a snaggy corner. That same week the level had dropped so much, it was possible to walk round the entire lake. It was all building nicely, and then the lockdown came! It was frustrating, but in the scheme of what was happening in the world, far less important...

Carp Fishing – Constantly Learning – Rick Golder

Looking back on my captures in recent years, they largely fall into a few different categories. There are those where I have been plain lucky, those when I have gone with the crowd and caught, some that I have really had to work hard for, and then those from which I’ve learnt different things...

Carp Fishing – Kick Starting the New Year – Rick Golder

By the time we reached January this year I felt ready to get out fishing again after family circumstances had meant it had been several months since I’d been out. During that time, I had kept my finger on the carping pulse, staying in contact with a few close friends, and then early in [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Blog Part 2 – By Rick Golder

Continuing on from my last blog, I’d had a single night session on the new water, a venue which only contains a handful of carp. My target was a historic old mirror, which was a daunting prospect in a 16 acre snag ridden and feature filled pit. The positives were that the lake was [...]

Carp Fishing – Autumn Blog Part 1 – By Rick Golder

During early August I began thinking about my autumn fishing, and where I wanted to fish more precisely. During the summer school holiday months I tend to only do single nights, fishing close to home and taking the kids for a few sessions. I’d taken my older boy to a club lake a couple [...]

Carp Fishing – August Blog – By Rick Golder

With the school holidays upon us, my fishing time became more restricted, and my mid-week time would now need to be spent splitting days off with my wife to look after the children and work. That said, I knew I’d still be able to do one overnight session per week and on these overnight sessions [...]