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Carp Fishing ~ Rick Golder Blog November 2016

I can’t remember having a more enjoyable Spring/Summer of fishing as this year. Usually by September I try to move on to another water just for the autumn and early winter, partly as a change and a recharge as much as anything, but this year it has all been about one and I couldn’t [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Blog Part 2 – By Rick Golder

Continuing on from my last blog, I’d had a single night session on the new water, a venue which only contains a handful of carp. My target was a historic old mirror, which was a daunting prospect in a 16 acre snag ridden and feature filled pit. The positives were that the lake was [...]

Carp Fishing – Autumn Blog Part 1 – By Rick Golder

During early August I began thinking about my autumn fishing, and where I wanted to fish more precisely. During the summer school holiday months I tend to only do single nights, fishing close to home and taking the kids for a few sessions. I’d taken my older boy to a club lake a couple [...]

Carp Fishing – Two Trips Two Thirties – By Rick Golder

I really don’t know where this year has gone, but as I write this it seems the summer is nearly over and we are into autumn. As far as my fishing has gone, I haven’t done that much and until recently it’s all been a bit of a struggle. I started off in March [...]

Carp Fishing – August Blog – By Rick Golder

With the school holidays upon us, my fishing time became more restricted, and my mid-week time would now need to be spent splitting days off with my wife to look after the children and work. That said, I knew I’d still be able to do one overnight session per week and on these overnight sessions [...]

Carp Fishing – July Blog – Rick Golder

My last trip to the Kent lake coincided with the fish being totally preoccupied with natural food, and it was incredibly frustrating, as time after time they would jump and roll, but it was impossible to get a bite. I moved twice that trip, and even after these moves and getting my baits out perfectly [...]

Rig Q&A with Rick Golder

Experience: 28 years as a carp angler fishing a number of difficult venues Favourite lake: Longfield Road Lake All-time best bait…Essential B5 My number one rig is…Hinged stiff rig with 16mm pop up Weirdest thing you’ve seen a carp do? Play head tennis with free baits before deciding they were safe. Is there such a [...]