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Carp Fishing – Wet, Windy and Wild, Welly Winter – Carl Udry

Welly is generally very shallow with average depths of only 4-5ft. It does drop deeper in some specific areas, but the majority is consistent in depth. This is what can make it productive in the winter if you do the classic things like stay mobile and keep eyes and ears always open.

Carp Fishing – Family Moments – Carl Udry

With Covid impacting angling being so open and closed this last year, plus restrictions in place impacting visitors on the bank when open. My family haven’t been able to nip in to say hi to Dad this last year. But at random points in the past, they have dropped by and shared my love for carp angling.

Carp Fishing – Smithy’s Story – Carl Udry

The capture of ‘Smithy’ was almost textbook carp fishing from start to finish. I woke early, whilst it was still dark. It had been mildly moist in the night, but not nearly as wet as the night before. I made a very early coffee and sat watching the light lift from the eastern corner of the lake...

Carp Fishing – Nirvana Lost and Found Part 2 – Carl Udry

Only two hours after re-casting, which was entirely spent questioning if I had made the right decision, my middle rod was away. After a short ‘ploddy’ fight I was holding up another banging 42lb chestnut mirror in the mid-afternoon autumn sunshine. As I was playing it, I noticed two more subtle rolls up to my right...

Carp Fishing – Nirvana Lost and Found Part 1 – Carl Udry

It’s impossible to try and encapsulate in words, just what a special time I enjoyed during my three years, on what I truly believe will one day, rightfully be considered one of the greatest UK history carp waters ever. Since moving onto pastures new from 1st June 2019, it’s been like going through an ugly and bitter separation from a loved one...

Carp Fishing – Moving On – Carl Udry

With so much water, comes that inevitable natural aura and ambience that just makes the air smell 'carpy' in the Cotswolds. Well this ticket offered a similar challenge to my other new ticket, being bigger at 45 acres, but with depths more manageable (up to 10ft), areas of dense weed, islands, but with relatively well catalogued stock, understood to be in the region of 110 or so carp, with 5 or 6 carp over the magical 40lb mark.

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