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Carp Fishing – Frozen Findings – Matt Eaton

In common with my warm weather fishing I usually take a fairly freestyle approach to finding fish during the cold months. The main reason is that, if there’s one thing I’ve concluded, they are where they are and I’ve found it vital to keep an open mind with regard to the carps’ whereabouts and feeding areas.

Carp Fishing – Ten Winter Tips – Matt Eaton

I enjoy my winter fishing as much, if not more so, than summer. If minimal angler pressure, freedom to move, stunning sunsets and a challenge do it for you just get out there and do it. Experience has taught me a lot over the years and, whilst there are no hard and fast rules, here are a few tips that might give anyone approaching their first winter carp fishing a head start.

Carp Fishing – Why Fish In Weed? – Matt Eaton

From the carp's perspective there is just so much going for areas of the lake that are full of vegetation. Freshwater shrimps, several species of water snail, mussels and other natural food abound in the green stuff. In addition, the fish are afforded both safety and security and weed emits oxygen.

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