Insights into the best techniques, methods and products to create perfect rigs.

Carp Fishing – A Confident Approach – Harry Hogan

Ultimately, I always want to be sitting behind my rods knowing I have full confidence that I am on fish and fishing effectively for them! In my opinion, confidence catches you fish. My honest advice would be to never go to a new lake, fishing rigs or bait that you’ve never used before....

Carp Fishing – Camflex Leaders – They’re Flecking Good! – By Lewis Read

Leadcore materials have been popular as a means of disguising the last few feet of line since the 90’s (how time flies) and in that time these products have evolved from the base lead wire trolling lines we used to refined leader materials that are perfect for carp and specialist anglers requirements. Whilst we [...]

A Guide to Gardner Tackle Copolymer Main lines by Lewis Read

We often get asked what the differences between the different copolymer mainlines that we sell, so we thought it was high time that we offered you a little guidance on the key differences between our three carp focused mainlines; Pro, Hydro Tuff and GT80+ mainlines. I think it’s fair to say that Gardner has always [...]

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