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Carp Fishing ~ Camp Kevin! ~ Lewis Read

Sometimes it’s very easy to get in a flap about nothing! Take last week for instance... The Long Suffering Wife and our (utter hero) daughter went off to sun themselves in Greece leaving me to fend for myself with my big slobbery soft arsed Milk Chocolate Labrador called Kev. So [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Carpy Choices ~ Lewis Read

I’ve been playing away lately, taking the first exciting and teetering steps on the amazing (and slightly daunting) Burghfield, fishing for what could arguably be the last of the great historic fish, the Burghfield common. As usual I quickly got quite obsessed and started flitting around the amazing convoluted pit [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Is It or Isn’t It? ~ Lewis Read

Thursday evening heralded the end of ‘time out’ on the 3 day 4 day off rule at Welly and as always (as a habitual carp addict) I was eager to get home and pop to the lake. Too eager it would seem, as I rushed in grabbed the gear and [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Give ’em a good kicking! ~ Lewis Read

Hooking Arrangements Cyclic fads and the constantly changing fashions in carp rigs sometimes undermine us angler's perception of some amazingly affective ‘tried and tested’ hooking arrangements. I guess that it’s just the way we’re programmed making it absolutely natural for us super keen carpers to assume that new rigs somehow supersede the [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Three’s A Crowd ~ Lewis Read

I sat there frowning as I pondered my next move and how I could possibly recover from the metaphorical check mate that angling leviathan ‘Dominator’ Dave Finn and Ed ‘the Crow’ Wade had cleverly contrived to wrestle me into. If we were wrestlers in a ring, then it would [...]

Carp Fishing ~ A Lucky Bite ~ Lewis Read

Despite having a short week after a thoroughly fantastic trip to the Carp Societies Farriers water, it reached Friday night and all I wanted to do was be down the lake – continuing my personal quest to snag The Chestnut Common or The Big Sutton [dreamy sigh]. What with [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Worth the Wait ~ Lewis Read

Way back in August 2017 a gentleman named Damon White bid for the privilege of fishing for 48 hours on Farriers. The only drawback (for him) was that the poor man had to put up with me too, as I was part of that bidding package – poor man! [...]

Hook Attachment ~ Rotational Revelations ~ Lewis Read

The scope of rig variation constantly seems to roll out with anglers having an almost dizzying array of options and choices. As the variety of clever little riggy components slowly inflates, so does the broader acceptance of novel rig ideas that incorporate them, as technically minded carpers seek to add [...]

Carp Fishing ~ We all love a Pub Chuck! ~ Lewis Read

Why is it that winter weather windows always seem to jostle their way across the North Atlantic to arrive over the British Isles at the most in opportune times? Normally, midweek when I’m languishing here at my desk beaver’ing away at Gardner HQ, or typically on a weekend when [...]

Carp Fishing ~ 1 lump or 2? ~ Lewis Read

My angling has taken a different turn of late. Whilst I have still been angling on the hallowed banks of the famous Wellington Country Park estate lake I’ve necessarily been accompanied by ‘Kev the Destroyer’, my uber lush 10 month old chocolate brained (and furred) Labrador. Let’s just say he [...]

Carp Fishing ~ A Gift From a (Carp) God ~ by Lewis Read

I consider myself to be very lucky being a member at Welly, as it is a VERY friendly syndicate, in which there is virtually no jealousy or sniping; it’s part of what makes angling at Welly so enjoyable. The syndicate is populated by a great bunch of rapscallions; a real mixture of larger [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Taking Chances As They Come… ~ Lewis Read

It has been a little while since I have had the opportunity (or reason) to write for the website. Like many in the trade this is mainly because of the dual evils of the weather and show season that have inevitably impaired my time on the bank. But finally, after [...]

Carp Fishing ~ My Balanced Bait Hook Aligner Rig ~ By Lewis Read

To my mind consistent and effective presentation is broadly reliant upon two basic requirements being fulfilled by the angler. The first is making the right choice of the correct lead arrangement – as this directly impacts upon the way the terminal tackle lies on (or in) the lake bed and how it avoids tangling. [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Effort Equals Reward… by Lewis Read

Over the last few weeks the fishing at the Park Lake has been sketchy in the extreme. With the prevalent NE wind stream that we endured, which knocked the water temperatures back all of a sudden. Those HUGE GREAT Welly CARP stopped showing and gave few (if any) clues to their whereabouts. I [...]