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Carp Fishing – Hard(ly) Labour – Lewis Read

I was being treated like a VIP, rather than a slightly portly and mildly eccentric carp fishing tackle employee, I had choice of which lake. Go in the drawer on The Commons Lake that looked good for a bite, or man it up and fish ‘Mirrors’ with a chance of a monster; and with the big harvest moon due on Saturday night if ever the big one was coming out, this had to be a good window...

Carp Fishing ~ Carpy Choices ~ Lewis Read

I’ve been playing away lately, taking the first exciting and teetering steps on the amazing (and slightly daunting) Burghfield, fishing for what could arguably be the last of the great historic fish, the Burghfield common. As usual I quickly got quite obsessed and started flitting around the amazing convoluted pit [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Give ’em a good kicking! ~ Lewis Read

Hooking Arrangements Cyclic fads and the constantly changing fashions in carp rigs sometimes undermine us angler's perception of some amazingly affective ‘tried and tested’ hooking arrangements. I guess that it’s just the way we’re programmed making it absolutely natural for us super keen carpers to assume that new rigs somehow supersede the [...]

Carp Fishing ~ A Gift From a (Carp) God ~ by Lewis Read

I consider myself to be very lucky being a member at Welly, as it is a VERY friendly syndicate, in which there is virtually no jealousy or sniping; it’s part of what makes angling at Welly so enjoyable. The syndicate is populated by a great bunch of rapscallions; a real mixture of larger [...]

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