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Carp Fishing ~ My Balanced Bait Hook Aligner Rig ~ By Lewis Read

To my mind consistent and effective presentation is broadly reliant upon two basic requirements being fulfilled by the angler. The first is making the right choice of the correct lead arrangement – as this directly impacts upon the way the terminal tackle lies on (or in) the lake bed and how it avoids tangling. [...]

Carp Fishing – A Little Slice of Heaven – Lewis Read

An all too rare family holiday interrupted my overtly relentlessly/excessive angling for a couple of weeks in August - and you know what I thoroughly enjoyed every precious second spent with Sophie and TLSW. It was bloomin’ dreamy. I personally ate about 10 goats worth of Feta and came back [...]

The Secrets Out – Get on the ‘Ronnie’ – by Lewis Read

There's rigs and there are RIGS... Some stand the test of time and work year after year, others are more transient in nature, with tangible benefits being a figment of a twisted mind, but not offering any genuine advantage in terms of catching carp! This one however is very special, and it's a rig that’s [...]

The Birth of The “Hinged Stiff Rig”

On the whole, my angling has always been epitomised by a slow Darwinian like progression of understanding – from rigs and baits to a very basic conceptual understanding of what (sometimes) works and why. The fact of the matter is that there have few leaps in that slow development but one that stands [...]

Carp Fishing – Happy New Spooky Year – By Lewis Read

Happy New Year! Long before the alarm clock bleeped I was looking pensively at the illuminated orange digital numbers – wishing my time away so it was worth getting up and getting the gear in the car. Like most anglers it’s a sound I normally hate, on any other day but a fishing [...]

Carp Fishing – My 2015 Highlight – By Lewis Read

What a rollercoaster of a year! I did an awful lot of angling this year and not just at that wonderful park lake. That side of my angling has been pretty well documented already - so I’m not going to write about park life as that story is already scribbled elsewhere. During the summer [...]

Carp Fishing – Not Just A Walk In The Park – By Lewis Read

Yes, the title’s most definitely a bit of a tongue in cheek, initiated by the fact that the prevalent opinion is that Welly is easy! Standard “Forty a chuck” or “Welly Fish don’t count” banter and the usual murmurings are based on a lack of understanding. In fact, make those statements to the competent [...]

Carp Fishing – Marking It Out – By Lewis Read

Why walk your rods out over using marker sticks? Is there really any significant difference? All you’re doing with either method is measuring out the range to a clip in a controlled way so that you can repeat it and gain metronomic consistency with your casting range… Hit the clip – down she goes [...]

Carp Fishing – Now And Again The Carp Read The Script – By Lewis Read

It would be quite true to say that my results for the time and effort I’ve been putting in haven’t been great in the last couple of months. The impression that most anglers seem have – based on the snap shot assumptions built up from seeing loads of cheeses in the press, is that [...]

Carp Fishing – Camflex Leaders – They’re Flecking Good! – By Lewis Read

Leadcore materials have been popular as a means of disguising the last few feet of line since the 90’s (how time flies) and in that time these products have evolved from the base lead wire trolling lines we used to refined leader materials that are perfect for carp and specialist anglers requirements. Whilst we [...]

Carp Fishing – Just One Last Naughty School Night – By Lewis Read

I count myself lucky. Very lucky. Why? Because my wife is understanding. Very understanding… If she wasn’t then I would be single on the basis that, like most my contemporaries, I am a thoroughly obsessive compulsive carp angler. When you have a wife and kids this selfish past time can cause a few problems [...]

Carp Fishing – Angling at a Tangent – By Lewis Read

The year blew in rainy and mild – Friday nights huddled under ‘the Beards’ little brolly talking utterly hysterical nonsense with Meeky, Marcus and anyone else unfortunate to be in ear shot. It was a lovely way to see the year in, if not a little selfish, as the prime motivation to get down to [...]

Carp Fishing – Shoulders – By Lewis Read

The weekends can’t come round quick enough these days. Why? Well, since the clocks have gone back my angling has, through necessity, become more weekend focused than the standard turn up after dark and sling 'em out approach that had been planning on. All those good intentions about doing the work nights; setting up and [...]

Carp Fishing – Little Big Head – By Lewis Read

I count myself extremely fortunate as I have had an absolutely fantastic year this year, having fished on two very different venues that both have syndicates made up of like-minded anglers that get on and enjoy their angling… On a couple of occasions, turning up late at both venues I have been nudged in the [...]

Guide to Hooks – Part 1

Just look through any magazine or catalogue and you’ll find a dizzying array of hook patterns available – some of which are designed for specific purposes and some that are based on general fundamental principles that offer good mechanics with a wider range of rig applications. The hook that you choose for a certain application [...]

A Guide to Gardner Tackle Copolymer Main lines by Lewis Read

We often get asked what the differences between the different copolymer mainlines that we sell, so we thought it was high time that we offered you a little guidance on the key differences between our three carp focused mainlines; Pro, Hydro Tuff and GT80+ mainlines. I think it’s fair to say that Gardner has always [...]