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I’m a self diagnosed obsessed carp angler. A lot of anglers are now instant carp anglers and if you have the money or the backing you can fish for big fish with little knowledge, which is something that I strongly disagree with. I began fishing when I was around 10 and I used to go with my pals and fish for gudgeon and anything else that would pull my line. I used to use swing tip rods, floats and quiver tips. I then advanced to little ponds with tench, carp and rudd in them. At 14 years old I caught a 16lb common and I was blown away. From that day on I was an addict.

I have been and I am still fishing a lot of circuit waters around Essex. The buzz I get from hearing a take is better than any alcohol or drug sold, if you could bottle that feeling, for me it would be priceless. I am a great believer that you make your own luck.

I love my zig fishing at the right time of year, and I feel they are a powerful way of angling. A lot of people poo poo zigs as they are “no good for the fish…”, but in my eyes I go fishing to catch.

I am a great believer in big hooks and big leads, give big results. I get a fair amount of time for my fishing as I have an exceptionally understanding Mrs, no kids and two spaniels who love to be on the bank. Time is powerful, but you still have to angle at 100% to catch consistently. The key to success in my world is making sure I’m always fishing as effectively as I can be and having total confidence in what I do.

Fact File

Name: James Chisnall
Nickname: Jim
Location: Essex
Date of Birth: 13/04/1984
Favourite Venues: The Quarry
PB’s (lb): 51lb 3oz mirror and 52lb 4oz common (both English)