After three harsh frosts and sightings dwindling to a minimum, I’d decided that my autumn campaign in search of the Coconut Common had come to an end. Having fished the lake before with no cold-water bite, I felt like my chances were realistically slim to none.

Instead, I decided to turn my attention to angling on a lovely quiet little pond that has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years. The first few trips are usually spent locating the fish and working out what they want. So, armed with some nice clean maggots and some DT Cold Water Green Beast dumbbells I was set for my first visit of the winter to the pond.

Fishing the ever-faithful Mag-Aligner, tied up with a super sharp size 8 Covert Dark Mugga I went about picking up where I left off two winters ago. Several single bleeps indicted that the silvers where still keen as mustard.

Continental Muggas

I wound in and ventured round the pond, looking for any signs and noticed a small patch of bubbles close to a snag. That would do and as this was all I had to go on I loaded my worldly belongings onto my barrow and pushed round the muddy path to the area I could best fish the snag from.

Considering the cast and the position I tucked the maggots away, and out came the tried and tested gear that would be man enough for the fishing situation. Ronnie Rigs at the ready, tied on a size 2 Continental Mugga, the new Ultra Sink hooklink and 22lb Hydro-Sink braided mainline. The rig was baited with one of those cheeky Green Beast pop ups. With all that done the rods were deployed and kettle was finally put on again.

carp fishing ringing the changes ultra sink
carp fishing ringing the changes hook stone

I didn’t have to wait any time at all before the snag rod signalled a take and I managed to gently draw a spritely mid-double scaley mirror away from the nearby branches. “That will do” I thought.

A quick re-sharpen of the hook, using the fine side of the Hook Stone to make the hook point perfect again, and I slipped a fresh bait on and the rod was hurled back into pole position again.

I’d enjoyed a BBQ and a couple of lovely French lagers with the boss “Mr Foyle” and I was just settling down for the night with Dylan “the dog” the canine hot water bottle (I’m definitely getting soft in my old age!), when the snag rod signalled what can only be described as a classic bream bite.

carp fishing ringing the changes small mirror
carp fishing ringing the changes 29lb 2oz common

Luckily, with no bream in the lake I was soon connected to a better fish. After a great fight under the rod tip a better fish was lead carefully into the waiting landing net and I went and got Mr Foyle up for camera duties…

It was not a whacker by any means, but at 29lb 2oz I was happy with this pristine looking common. The fish was returned, and once again the hook sharpened then put the rod back out on the snag. The rest of the night past quietly and dawn was soon upon me. A wet pack down and off to work I went happy with the result of a quick night on the bank. BBQ, beer and Carp, what more could I ask for?!