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The Covert Dark Continental Mugga hooks feature an extra strong wire, combining the original Mugga’s amazing hooking power with the strength required for extreme fishing situations, with several specification improvements that have been rolled out on all the Gardner Covert Dark hook patterns.

The Covert Dark Continental Muggas are now available in Bulk Packs. These packs contain 20 hooks instead of the usual 10, allowing for a small cost saving as well as less packaging. Available barbed in sizes 4 and 6.

Firstly, we have re-specified the shape and length of the Continental Mugga hook’s point so they are longer, slimmer and much sharper than before. The new long tapered points are a major improvement and the shape and point now ensures the hook pricks even quicker and penetrates easier.

Next, we have swapped over to the new stripped down Covert Dark plating. This new finish still offers excellent camouflage, thanks to the matt finish, and also ensures that we keep the sharpest possible point on the hook as it is a single electroplated finish. The reduction in handling during the finishing process means the points remain immaculate and razor sharp.

We’ve also upgraded to a micro barb on all the new Covert Dark Hooks. This offers two major benefits. Firstly, many commercial fisheries require anglers to use patterns with small barbs as it is kinder to the fish’s mouth, and secondly micro barbed hooks are stronger as less wire is cut out to form the barb.

The ‘Continental’ version of the Mugga hook is made from significantly stronger, heavier gauge forged, double tempered high carbon steel. Although the hooks are 30% stronger the wire used does not make them heavy or bulky. This extra strong wire means that the Continental Mugga offers brute strength required for extreme fishing situations, such as fishing for big fish in heavy weed or near snags.

If you study the design of the Mugga hook range it’s not hard to see why the Mugga patterns offer unrivalled hooking potential when used with a variety of hooklink materials. The aggressive hooking action and strong hook holds they give are due to a combination of key features working perfectly together. The combination of a sweeping, slightly curve shank and a 25˚ in-turned eye cause the hook to flip as soon as the hooklink tightens or the hook eye reaches the edge of fish’s lip. This unique action means that the hook will take hold firmly in the corner of the mouth or in the bottom lip without having to add shrink tube to improve a less effective ‘similar’ pattern…

After this the orientation between the hook eye and the razor sharp straight point creates the best possible angle to aid the hook penetrating quickly and securely. Simply put, this means you will land more fish and suffer from fewer hook pulls.

Since their launch in 2012 the Continental Mugga has proven itself as an extraordinary strong pattern that has grown in popularity due to their reliability and performance. If you’re looking for a hook that combines awesome hooking power with superb strength, you should take at look at these…

Gardner Covert Dark Continental Mugga hooks feature:

  • Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point.
  • COVERT DARK matt finish.
  • Short curved shank and 25˚ in-turned.
  • Micro Barb.
  • Manufactured from extra strong forged, double tempered high carbon steel wire for strength.
  • Covert Dark Continental Mugga hooks are available in Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 in Barbed only.
  • Supplied as 10 hooks per packet.
Size Barbed
2 Barbed
4 Barbed
6 Barbed
8 Barbed
10 Barbed

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