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Talon Tip hooks have a long-standing pedigree and reputation that few other hook patterns can come near too matching. Since their introduction in 1996 this awesome hook has been pivotal in the capture of countless monstrous carp both here in the UK and across Europe.

They are incredibly strong in all sizes, being manufactured from the highest grade forged high carbon steel. They feature a razor sharp chemically etched beaked point and an inturned eye that work together to give the best possible hook holds, as they penetrate quickly until the hook is totally embedded securely down to the bend.

The beaked point also helps keep the hooks in if you are fishing at a venue that doesn’t allow the use of barbed hooks as it helps retain a strong hook hold all the time that the hook is held in under tension.

So, whether you plan to use them for huge carp or hard fighting river fish like barbel, this pattern offers unmatched reliability, excellent hooking potential and firm hook holds.

  • Available in Barbed or Barbless. Please see table below for sizes available.
  • 10 hooks per pack.
Sizes Available Barbed Barbless
2 N/A Barbless
4 N/A Barbless
6 N/A Barbless
8 Barbed Barbless
10 Barbed Barbless
12 Barbed Barbless


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