Longshank Incizor Hook

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The chemically etched point on these hooks are famous for being phenomenally sharp and have always been regarded by many anglers as offering a genuine edge as the hook nails the fish at the slightest opportunity.

Quite simply, they have always been a longshank hook in a class of their own.

In terms of raw strength, the forged high carbon wire offers remarkable tenacity for the gauge of wire used, and the longshank and straight eye makes this hook particularly effective for a variety of highly effective pop up and bottom bait presentations.

Add to this the double tempered point that stays sharper for longer and you realise why this hook is so deadly.

They may have recently been copied but the original will never be bettered!

Available in Barbed or Barbless. Please see table below for sizes available.

10 hooks per pack.

  • Available in Sizes 6, 8 and 10 in Barbed or Barbless.
  • 10 hooks per pack.
    • Sizes Available Barbed Barbless
      6 N/A Barbless
      8 Barbed Barbless
      10 Barbed Barbless


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