Covert Mugga Hook

Covert Mugga Hook

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The Mugga hook pattern is widely recognised as being one of the most awesomely effective hooks available to carp and specimen anglers!

If you look at the design of the Mugga it’s not hard to see why it offers unrivalled hooking potential when used with a variety of hooklink materials. The aggressive hooking action and strong hook holds that the pattern gives are due to a combination of key features working perfectly together.

Firstly, the combination of a sweeping, slightly curve shank and a 25° in-turned eye cause the hook to flip as soon as the hooklink tightens or the hook eye reaches the edge of fish’s lip. This unique action means that the hook will take hold firmly in the corner of the mouth or in the bottom lip without having to add shrink tube to improve a less effective ‘similar’ pattern…

After this the specific orientation between the hook eye and the super sharp straight point creates the best possible angle to aid the hook penetrating quickly and securely. Simply, this means you will land more fish.

The original Mugga hook is constructed with a high carbon wire that ensures the hook isn’t heavy or bulky, but thanks to the way the hook goes in and stays in, is still extremely strong and devastatingly reliable hook.

The larger hooks in the range have proven particularly effective and popular with anglers that want to create 360° rigs in circumstances where longshank curved hooks may not be allowed.

The size 11 and 12 hooks have now become firm favourites for use in Zig Rig fishing. They really do reduce the number of hook pulls anglers experience zigging – a problem commonly associated with this method.

Now available with Covert camouflage plating!

Please check table below for Sizes available.

10 hooks per pack.

Sizes Available Barbed Barbless
2 Barbed N/A
10 Barbed Barbless
11 Barbed Barbless
12 Barbed Barbless

‘KD Rig’ step by step guide:

3 reviews for Covert Mugga Hook

  1. Michael Lingard

    I Have just bought 2 packets of the covert dark mugga’s barbless size 8 and have used the covert mugga’s in the past and think they are a very good hook , the new covert dark hooks are even better and the sharpness of these are very noticeable so good job gardner on improving a exellent hook , i will be using mine blowback style with a piece of shrink tube over the eye :-) .

  2. Robert

    Thank you very much team!!!
    Mugga continental hook + Vigilante + covert rig ring will do the job ;-)
    Thank you

    • admin

      You are most welcome Robert. Tight lines!

  3. Robert

    Hi Team,
    could you please advice how would you recommend to use this hook for a bottom bait or balanced bait version? I am thinking for a blowback version, but is the hook alligner needed for this type of hook? I read different opinions on the forums. Thanks for your advice

    • admin

      Hi Robert,

      Essentially one of the great benefits of this pattern is that you DON’T need to add ‘Hook aligners’ or shrink tube kickers to the pattern, as the in-turned eye ensures that the hook acts aggressively when it has been inhaled by a feeding carp.

      This effect is enhanced whilst using braided (or stripped skinned hooklinks) by attaching the hook with a knotless knot.

      Only IF you suffer occasional hook pulls (probably down to specific/temporary) feeding behaviours, would we suggest adding a bit of shrink tube which effectively makes the hook turn further in the fish’s mouth and will give the rig longer to react and take hold.

      How you mount the hookbait is a personal choice – but both a fixed hair (silicone on the shank trapping it in place opposite the point) or a rig ring ‘Blow Back Style’ will work just fine.

      Hope that this helps.

      The Gardner Team

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