Covert Continental Mugga Hook

Continental Mugga hooks feature an extra strong wire, combining the original Mugga’s amazing hooking power with the strength required for extreme fishing situations.

After the phenomenal success of the Mugga hook we have introduced a ‘Continental ‘version that is made from significantly stronger, heavier gauged forged, high carbon steel. Although the hooks are 30% stronger the wire used does not make them heavy or bulky.

This extra strong wire means that the Continental Mugga hook combines the original Mugga hooks amazing hooking power with the brute strength required for extreme fishing situations such as fishing for big fish in heavy weed or near snags. If you look at the design of the Mugga range it’s not hard to see why the pattern offers unrivalled hooking potential when used with a variety of hooklink materials. The aggressive hooking action and strong hook holds that the pattern gives are due to a combination of key features working perfectly together.

Firstly, the combination of a sweeping, slightly curve shank and a 25o in-turned eye cause the hook to flip as soon as the hooklink tightens or the hook eye reaches the edge of fish’s lip. This unique action means that the hook will take hold firmly in the corner of the mouth or in the bottom lip without having to add shrink tube to improve a less effective ‘similar’ pattern…

After this the specific orientation between the hook eye and the razor sharp straight point creates the best possible angle to aid the hook penetrating quickly and securely. Simply put, this means you will land more fish and suffer from fewer hook pulls.

The larger hooks in the range have proven particularly effective and popular with anglers that want to create 360o rigs and have already accounted for a number of monstrous fish from both home and abroad.

The application of the unique Covert finish reduces glare and mimics predominant colours in the environment, offering ultimate camouflage.

The Continental Mugga has already proven itself as an utterly reliable hook since its release in early 2012. If you’re looking for a hook that combines a proven pattern with superb strength, which can be used with a wide range of rigs maybe you should take at look at them…

Available in Size 10 in Barbed. 10 hooks per pack.

Size Barbed
10 Barbed

‘Tom Oliver’s Pop Up Rig’ step by step guide:

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