Covert Dark Longshank Mugga Hook

covert dark fishing hooks

The new Covert Dark version of the Longshank Mugga incorporates several significant specification adjustments, improvements that have been rolled out on all the Gardner Covert Dark hook patterns.

We’ve changed the hook finish to the new stripped down Covert Dark plating that still offers excellent camouflage, thanks to the dark matt finish, but also ensures that we keep the hook points pristine and razor sharp. Covert Dark is a single electroplated layer and the reduction in handling during the finishing process means the points remain as sharp as the moment they were made.

A second major specification change is that we have re-specified the shape and length of the Longshank Mugga hook’s point so they are longer, slimmer and even sharper than before. The new long tapered points are a major improvement that ensures the hook pricks even quicker and penetrates easier.

Gardner has also upgraded to a micro barb on all of the new Covert Dark Hooks. This offers two major benefits. Firstly, many commercial fisheries require anglers to use patterns with small barbs as it is kinder to the fish’s mouth, and secondly, micro barbed hooks are stronger as less wire is cut out to form the barb.

With their extended curved shank the Covert Dark Longshank Mugga hooks are tailor made to give a high level of anti-ejection and ultimately create strong hook holds. The shape means that the pattern twists and turns extremely aggressively when inhaled or mouthed by a feeding carp. This aggressive action forces the hook point to take hold in the bottom lip where it inevitably takes the strongest possible hook hold.

Hookbaits can be mounted in a variety of ways with these hooks, either on a conventional hair trapped in position with a small section of 0.5mm silicone tubing (set opposite the hook point or barb is best), or mounted onto a sliding rig ring or small rig swivel that can be held in place with a Covert Hook Stop to enhance the rigs anti eject properties. These Longshank Mugga hooks are ideal for use on 360 rigs.

Gardner Covert Dark Longshank Mugga hooks feature:

  • COVERT DARK matt finish.
  • Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point.
  • Long curved shank.
  • Micro Barb.
  • Manufactured from Extra strong forged, double tempered high carbon steel wire for strength.
  • Available in Sizes 4, 6 and 8 in Barbed or Barbless.
  • Supplied as 10 hooks per packet.
Sizes Available Barbed Barbless
4 Barbed Barbless
6 Barbed Barbless
8 Barbed Barbless

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