The hugely successful Covert Hook range has been subject to a radical face lift, incorporating a minimalist stripped back protective electroplated finish. This ensures that the hooks all have longer sharper tapered points which remain super sharp, an essential attribute for any effective rig.

Finally, we have incorporated a micro barb to fall into line with the preferences of fisheries managers & owners. This final change also has a secondary benefit in terms of the hook’s raw strength, in that the shallower cut created as the micro barb is formed means that the high carbon forged wire retains greater strength/integrity.

Our proven shapes and specifications remain largely unchanged so the raw effectiveness of each pattern remains largely unaltered. All of the improvements have been done in a considered, tested manner to ensure the latest evolution of the patterns offer irrefutable benefits over previous versions.

A couple of specific hooks have been subject to additional changes; these include the size 8 Incizor that now incorporates a heavier wire gauge, bringing this size up to strength that’s in line with the rest of the awesome Incizor range. The other amended hook pattern is the Wide Gape Talon Tip that now has a sweeping beaked point that penetrates easier, helping it to take an immensely strong hook hold even faster than before.

The updated ‘Covert Dark’ hook range includes the following established patterns:

Covert Dark Mugga Hooks

Covert Dark Mugga Hooks and Continental Mugga Hooks

These patterns have long been stand alone favourites for many top anglers and we realistically expect the improvements to take these key patterns forward for years to come. The key to their enormous success is much more than a curved shank – the dynamic angle of penetration created between eth position of the eye and the plane of the point means that the hook goes in and stays in whether the angler chooses barbed or barbless versions. We often call this pattern ‘legendry – and with very good reason! Often emulated but never replicated.

Covert Dark Longshank Mugga Hooks

Covert Dark Longshank Mugga Hooks

This popular MEGA big fish pattern, with its long curved shank, deeper bite and much improved point the new version is a massive step up in this pattern. This is a pattern than many Continental anglers rely on for most of their fishing – and justifiably as its remarkably strong and effective pattern – the introduction of the Dark Covert will only cement its standing as a remarkable hook.

Covert Dark Incizor Hooks

Covert Dark Incizors

These are a long established J-shape pattern – that has always been a favourite of many customers thanks to the patterns amazing adaptability and strength. The Incizors can be used in conjunction with almost any hook link material and for any bait presentation. A truly phenomenal feet really – and the application of the style new points makes these an even more formidable hook that is easily capable of tackling the biggest fish in the most demanding angling situations.

Covert Dark Wide Gape Talon Tip Hooks

Covert Dark Wide Gape Talon Tips

This beaked point pattern has always had a reputation for shear strength and a capacity to cope with absolutely brutal fishing conditions when necessary for all sorts of species; and the application of the greatly improved swept point aids the hooks penetration without affecting the prime angle of drawer that ensures rock solid hook holds.

Covert Dark Chod Hooks

Covert Dark Chod Hooks

You know you have a pattern ‘right’ when sales grow on reputation – not marketing. The Chod hooks have always been a great dedicated Chod/Hinged Stiff Rig pattern, but the new Covert Darks elevate the hooks into the ‘all time great’ category – feedback has always been that the offer superb hook holds and simply outperform similar patterns that are either ridiculously thick wired or weak and prone to distorting. The points on these are simply superb – and as a add on will only help carry the patterns popularity forward as they are simply brilliant!