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The Incizor has always been a superbly versatile pattern that can be used in conjunction with almost any hooklink material. The straight eye means that you can use them with stiff ‘Trip Wire’ style hooklink materials on Chod rigs and Hinged Stiff rigs. Now that it has been upgraded as part of the introduction of the Covert Dark range, it has a longer, tapered even sharper point.

This latest Covert Dark version of this pattern features the new stripped down Covert Dark plating still offers excellent camouflage, thanks to the dark matt finish, but also ensures that we keep the hook points absolutely pristine and razor sharp. Covert Dark is a single electroplated layer; so the reduction in handling during the finishing process ensures that the points remain as sharp as the moment they were made.

A second major specification change is that we have changed the shape and length of the Incizor’s point so it is now longer, slimmer and even sharper than before. The new long tapered points are a major improvement that ensures the hook pricks even quicker and penetrates easier.

Gardner has also upgraded to a micro barb on all of the new Covert Dark Hooks. This offers two major benefits. Firstly, many commercial fisheries require anglers to use patterns with small barbs as it is kinder to the fish’s mouth, and secondly micro barbed hooks are stronger as less wire is cut out to form the barb.

The Incizor has always offered exceptional hook holds as the combination of the medium length shank and in-turned straight point means that the angle of penetration is simply ‘as good as it gets’ for this style of hook; and the improved point and micro barb only enhances this performance.

Having a straight eye also means that Incizor is the perfect pattern to use with Fluorocarbon hooklinks as acutely in-turned eyes can cause a weak spot with some fluorocarbon materials. With the addition of a small shrink tube kicker or Covert Hook Aligner they are superb used with in conjunction braided and skinned hooklinks. Truly versatile…

Incizors are a STRONG hook. They are manufactured from extra strong wire gauge and can be used with utmost confidence in almost any carp fishing situation. During development and testing of the Covert Dark range we adjusted the wire specified in the manufacture of the size 8 Incizor hook, ensuring that this size now offers equivalent strength to all the other sizes in this pattern.

Gardner Covert Dark Incizor hooks feature:

  • COVERT DARK matt finish.
  • Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point.
  • Medium shank and straight eye.
  • Micro Barb.
  • Manufactured from Extra strong forged, double tempered high carbon steel wire for strength.
  • Available in Sizes 4, 5 (barbed only), 6, 8 and 10 in Barbed or Barbless.
  • Supplied as 10 hooks per packet.
Size Barbed Barbless
4 Barbed Barbless
5 Barbed N/A
6 Barbed Barbless
8 Barbed Barbless
10 Barbed Barbless

Find out more about the Covert Dark Hook Range here –

2 reviews for Covert Dark Incizor Hook

  1. Andrew Wise

    The Incizor hook is my go to hook for 99.99% of my fishing, I use it on my bottom bait multi rig with a semi stiff coated braid & a small kicker, which as caught so many fish everywhere I’ve used it.

    I also love using it on a slip d setup with a long line aligner/kicker, it’s so versatile and works so well with many types of rigs and materials, I’ve used this pattern for a long time, in sizes from 10 to 4.

    I do also use muggas and chods aswell, however there is something about the incizors and it’s hook hold that fills with upmost of confidence.

  2. Wayne Scase

    Hi I can’t rate these hook enough! I’ve tried other brands (which were good, but lacked sharpness throughout the pack) and have bent in the playing of a decent fish, this may seem like I’m creeping but the Gardener Incizer had delivered!! on every aspect! Well done Gardener “it does what it says on the tin” 10/10

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