Covert Incizor Hook

A superbly versatile shape with the Covert camouflage plated finish.

The Covert Incizor pattern lends itself to a huge choice of rig options – the straight eye means that you can use them with stiff ‘Trip Wire’ style hooklink materials on Chod rigs and other similar D-rig presentations. You can confidently use them with Fluorocarbon hooklinks, or with the addition of a small shrink tube kicker combine them with braided and skinned hooklinks.

In fact these are the No1 hook pattern choice for the team here at Gardner when we use the excellent Covert Hook Aligners as the finished rigs turning aggressively, with the hooklink exiting the Hook Aligner at the optimum angle and the perfect distance from the hook point.

The point is durable thanks to double tempering the highest quality Carbon Steel and the non-reversed bend and general dimensions of the Incizor mean this pattern will remain the hook of choice for a great many discerning anglers around the world.

  • Available in in Barbed or Barbless. Please check table below for sizes available.
  • 10 hooks per pack.
Size Barbed Barbless

By applying a technically advanced, anti-glare plating system, we’ve taken camouflage to a completely new level.

The problems associated with pale Teflon coatings – the tendency to rust around the eye, prominence on dark lake beds and added bulk to the hook dimensions are now eradicated once and for all.

Covert stealth plated hooks offer improved camouflage, sharper points and better performance than ever before.

‘Clone Rig’ step by step guide:


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