Curved Rigga Hooks (CVR)

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CVR Rigga Hooks

The CVR pattern is the ultimate evolution of the curved shank hook principle.

The unique shape ensures that the hook twists aggressively the instant the hook bait is taken and once the super sharp long tapered point takes hold the shape ensures that hook holds are amazing, thanks to the alignment between the hook point and the in-turned hook eye. The shape and alignment of the point with the eye also means that these CVR’s excel as a ‘barbless only’ pattern, as the hook holds stay firmly in position in a similar way to a beaked point.

The length of the shank was dictated by the shape of the bend and the final position of the eye. Essentially, it’s long enough to maintain that all important working gape as the hook flips and takes hold, without being so elongated that the hook acts as a lever. Similarly, practical experience showed that a stronger wire is vital on curved shank hooks to maintain reliability across the most demanding angling situations, and also in terms of the wires rigidity as flexing hooks can create problems in terms of hook movement within the fish’s mouth. Think of it like this, the strong wire and unique shape locks the hook solidly in place and keeps it there.

The resulting CVR pattern has proven itself REMARKABLE during long term testing. Whether combined with conventional rigs like blow back rigs, or on specialist rigs like the German and Ronnie the CVR’s design offers genuine mechanical advantages in terms of initial pricking and maintenance of the strongest possible hook hold. There is no other hook pattern quite like the CVR – which is the ultimate expression of curved shank hook mechanics.

These CVR Rigga hooks feature:

  • Super sharp, long tapered, chemically etched straight point.
  • CVR’s feature a medium length curved shank, wide gape and non reverse bend.
  • A 20° in-turned eye ensures optimum hooking performance with any type of hooklink and are a recommended 360 rig pattern.
  • Dull PTFE Coating reduces corrosion, aids penetration and minimises glare.
  • Manufactured in Japan from the finest extra strong double tempered, forged, high carbon steel wire.
  • Rigga ‘CVR’ hooks are available in either barbless or micro barbed format.
Size Barbed Barbless
2 Barbed N/A
4 Barbed Barbless
6 Barbed Barbless
8 Barbed Barbless
10 Barbed Barbless

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1 review for Curved Rigga Hooks (CVR)

  1. Dan E

    I started using the CVR hook around general public release, i’ve always had a love for curved hooks long and short.
    These are like no other hooks i’d used before, a really long point with that vicious inturned eye made me wonder how it would take hold as the gap between is so short. The result is nothing short of savage hook holds.. holds like no other hook I’ve ever used before. I use it tied slip D with a coated braid as opposed to the more conventional ronnie. Ive never had to hand sharpen and feel 100% confident that the hook does its job.

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