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Carp Fishing – Location, Location, Location – Jim Chisnall

Location of carp in the colder months can be hard… There are multiple factors that put the odds into your favour and against your favour. Size of lake, stock, depth, climate, angling pressure, bait restrictions, club or syndicate rules and everyone’s love or hate “time”.

Carp Fishing – Don’t Knock It Until You’ve Tried It! – Jim Chisnall

As anglers, our number one priority should be to protect the quarry that we fish for. I often hear people saying that braid is dangerous in the wrong hands, but personally I disagree with this statement. Whichever way you look at it we are aiming to put a baited hook into a fish’s mouth...

Carp Fishing – House of Commons Part 1 – James Chisnall

Much to our amazement it was 39lb 14oz! Wow, an early Christmas present. My friend did me some great shots and we returned the fish. I sat drinking a tea thinking “this is awesome”. The only issue was once I had written about this epic adventure it was going to be even more like Piccadilly Circus. The rest of the night past with zero action, but I did not care, a December 39lb’er, and a new lake record…

Carp Fishing – Jimbo’s Travels – Jim Chisnall

I’ve managed over 70 fish so far this year, which has made for another great years angling. The quest for the Coconut Common will continue in the spring. Many thanks to Gardner tackle, Lewis Read, and Alan ‘Norma’ Stagg, for their ongoing support and hard work; it never goes unnoticed by me and I’m always humbled to be part of such a great firm...

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