I first started fishing at the age of 13, when my Dad introduced me to fly fishing in Scotland. By 16 years I started dabbling at carp fishing just catching the odd small carp fishing with friends up my local lake Bury hill fishery’s. It wasn’t until I started fishing a local club water that I became more interested in catching bigger carp. Here I learnt many skills that still stand me well now, from floater fishing, to stalking the margins with a lob worm and centre pin. I found that by having a few different methods and plenty of primed areas around the lake, I could often catch more than those sat behind 3 rod static set ups. This also taught me the value of preparation, baiting multiple spots to keep an eye on for later, and trying to anticipate where the fish would turn up at various different times. This is a massive part of my fishing to this day, and with most of my sessions being single nights, I put huge effort into my preparation and location.

For now my excitement is the pursuit of big carp, and I enjoy the challenge of the waters that I now fish. The past few seasons I’ve fished, on and off, a big 70 acre boating lake, where I have worked hard for every capture, generally by doing my own thing. Last year I was fortunate to catch 5 fish over 40 lbs, again mostly on single night trips. I also had a few trips to another water, one where I could bait an unfished area, and, once I knew the time was right, start fishing these baited spots. In just 8 nights I caught 3 stunning old original fish over 40lb, including the lakes biggest at 47+ lb.

I have used many Gardner Tackle products over the years, mainly because I know them to be reliable and suit my style of fishing. I especially like braided mainlines, and find both the Hyrdo sink and new Noir to be excellent in every fishing situation.

I am very much looking forward to being part of the Gardner Tackle team and promoting their products through my own fishing and results.

Fact File

Name: Gavin Campbell
Nickname: Gavalar (every Gav’s nickname nowadays
Location: Chertsey
Date of Birth: 19/02/1990
Favourite Venues: Kingsmead Island lake
PB’s (lb): UK PB – Mirror 52+, Common 47+, Leather 41+