Leadcore materials have been popular as a means of disguising the last few feet of line since the 90’s (how time flies) and in that time these products have evolved from the base lead wire trolling lines we used to refined leader materials that are perfect for carp and specialist anglers requirements. Whilst we still sell our bullet proof Plummet leadcores (the 25lb version is still the thinnest available and nothing is subtler than ‘thin’) our latest flecked leader materials have really set a new benchmark for this style of product.

The first is CamFlex Leadcore.

This is a flecked braided leader that’s available in 35lb and 45lb strains and features a lovely (unique) flecked pattern in three colours to suit different venues: silt, green and brown.
It’s strong, easy to splice and retains a nice smooth finish. Without a shadow of doubt the best lead core materials have pure lead inners, and CamFlex is no exception as it features a supple 0.50mm lead wire giving a finished weight of 3 grams/m. This ensures it is pinned down on the bottom, inconspicuously out of the way.

The 35lb is simply a great all round leader – probably the most versatile leadcore there is – and we would recommend it unreservedly for all but the most ‘balls out’ mind bending hardcore carp fishing!

The 45lb version features the same supple core with a 10% higher diameter that offers a big jump up in final strength. We know that you’ll never pull so hard that the leader will come near to test, but the extra diameter acts as a substantial buffer safeguarding against abrasion when you’re fishing locked up or over really severe features.

In common with all flecked braided lead cores the combination of fibres used in CamFlex Leadcore darken slightly when wet – so it’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing the colour/shade you want for your venue.


The second is our Camflex Leadfree.

This is a superior sinking leader material constructed from 100% pure PTFE fibres to make it as heavy as possible.

By avoiding using a cheaper ‘HPPE fibre+ Polyester’ blend we have developed a product that offers faster sinking and amazingly supple braided material with an exquisite silky smooth finish. Pure PTFE fibres give this product a relative density of 2.2 to 2.4 – so in reality this is as heavy as you get for a non-core leader material…
The supple nature means that it feels natural of a fish bumps and nudges it whilst feeding around the terminal tackle, and this can make a huge difference
Camflex Leadfree is available in 2 excellent flecked colour versions – a muddy brown and a mid-green – and these colours barely change when immersed in water, so what you see is what you get…


How do you decide which to use?

Well short of your personal preference for the feel and colour of the leader the main factors are the actual mechanics as dictated by the fishing situation.

Leadcore IS indisputably heavier, so if you’re ‘spot’ fishing or laying it down into sparse or strandy weed on the edge of a clear spot then it will naturally settle down under its own weight on a slack line. If you are using long leader in thick weed with a running Chod rig then the dynamic of how the terminal arrangement changes radically – and this is one of the scenarios in which Camflex Leadfree really excels… Why?

Well the weight of a long leadcore will have the tendency to drag a chod down into the weed (down towards the lead), whereas the combination of a highly buoyant hookbait balanced against the Camflex Leadfree ensures the best presentation over high weed, as the inherent weight of the mainline settling down over the weed keeps the hook bait up on the top of the weed where it will be most visible to a passing or browsing carp…

Sometimes it’s the small changes that a make a huge difference to creating a highly effective presentation.

**Remember – If you are using any kind of leader please make sure that you use it in conjunction with a good quality strong main line to minimise the chance of cutting, and use leader friendly rigs that allow the rig and leader to separate from the leader.