GT-HD Main Line – A Year On…

Some main lines stand the test of time simply because they are right to start with. Take the legendary Insight GR60 for instance, even after all these years this superb line is hugely popular simply because it is a fabulous line to start with! Why? Well it exhibits exceptional knot strength, [...]

Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark Hooks FAQs

Here Jason Hayward answers some FAQs about the new Gardner Tackle range of Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark hooks. Method Based 1. Are Specialist Sharpened Covert Dark hooks suitable for all general use? Yes, they can be used in any angling situation. I never use an unsharpened hook and I haven't [...]

The Covert Dark Hook Range

The hugely successful Covert Hook range has been subject to a radical face lift, incorporating a minimalist stripped back protective electroplated finish. This ensures that the hooks all have longer sharper tapered points which remain super sharp, an essential attribute for any effective rig. Finally, we have incorporated a micro barb to fall into line [...]

‘Target Specimen Handbook’ is now available to view online

Please click on the image to view/save the PDF online.After the success of Gardner Tackle’s carp focused Covert range of terminal tackle, we have utilised the expansive knowledge of our in-house expert specimen anglers, to develop a range of refined terminal tackle tailored especially to fulfil the needs of the specialist angler... In this Target [...]

Leon Bartropp Talks Trick Link

I’m a great fan of the Hinged Stiff Rig. I’ve been using it for many years now with very good results. It’s just one of those rigs that quite simply catches carp, so when Lewis at Gardner sent me some new hook link material to try for the boom section of the rig I was [...]

The new COVERT SILT colours are now available

After we had received a large number of requests from anglers we have added a superb new ‘Silt’ colour option to the Covert terminal range. Available now - the semi transparent grey/black colour has been developed to blend in with the dark sediment, substrates, silk weeds and silt beds (unsurprisingly) that dominate the majority of [...]

Leon Bartropp joins Gardner Tackle

Gardner Tackle is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Leon Bartropp into our sponsored angler team of carp consultants. Not only is Leon a highly respected big fish angler, but he is also a prolific writer within the carp angling press and takes enormous enjoyment in producing his own informative carp fishing videos. Over [...]

Gardner Tackle visit Abbey Lakes

Gardner Tackle team members Lewis Read, Alan Stagg and Calum Kletta recently took a trip out to the famous Abbey Lakes in France to do some filming for the Gardner Tackle website and YouTube Channel. They arrived to find the lakes had been fishing slowly, with temperatures falling to -11 a few days before, but [...]

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Trip two: A “secret” Venue September 2012 – Rich Adams

My second, and totally unexpected trip to France, came about after chatting to a Belgian angler I know called Chris Vandenhaute. He happened to mention that he had been fishing in France on a little known venue and had caught fish to a decent size. After several conversations via emails and Facebook, a date was [...]

A GOOD DAY by Ricky ‘the Fear’ Thomas

After having a day off work at the tackle shop due to the bank holiday, the plan was to go out and get a feature done on one of my local club waters. When I woke up that morning I found myself thinking about staying at home due to the amount of anglers that I [...]

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Dream Session by Ricky ‘The Fear’ Thomas

As the midday sun broke through the dark rainy sky I made the short walk from the now water- logged car park down to the lake. Walking round the venue, it was evident that the lake was not fishing at its best however, on a positive note a good mate managed to land a small [...]

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