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Give ’em Some Rope… – Ian Stott

Long hook lengths. For as long as I can remember this has been one of my favourite means of catching carp. Now I'm not talking about zig fishing, I'm talking about actual long hook lengths for bottom bait rigs and pop up presentations. Rigs that are simply much longer than what is considered [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Wonderland – By Ian Stott

Unsurprisingly, the week after my capture of Scruffy Bob I found myself back in the same swim. I arrived at the lake at dusk and after a very quick walk around I again observed some fizzing in a sheltered area of the lake called Turtle Corner. However, lady luck wasn't on my side that [...]

Carp Fishing – Keep Believing – By Ian Stott

It is a pretty rare occurrence for me to have a Friday off work. I arrived at the lake just after 6am, got the barrow loaded and headed on down to the lakeside knowing that I had three days fishing ahead of me. With only four other anglers on I had quite a few [...]

Carp Fishing – Access All Areas – By Ian Stott

Wellington Country Park went through a massive change during the summer of 2014 as a consequence of a massive algae bloom that in turn killed all of the weed off. There was still the odd patch of short weed around certain parts of the lake afterwards but with the onset of winter it all [...]