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Carp Fishing – A Good Start To The Year – By TJ Elliot

Due to being back at college and working weekends, I can only fish one night a week, this night being on a Wednesday. After three weeks of not being able to fish, due to my rods being sent off for repair, I decided that I couldn't take much more and ended up borrowing my [...]

Carp Fishing – 2015 Round Up – By Scott Kingsley

After an intense three month river campaign it was time to return to the pond and get ready for some autumn fishing. With the weather still warm things should have been easier, but unfortunately it wasnt. I was working hard for the odd fish here and there, however the venue had me scratching my [...]

Carp Fishing – A Whirlwind Year – By Harry Waye-Barker

What a whirl wind year I’ve had! In fact I really can’t remember another like it. Since Christmas last year I’ve relocated to Norfolk from London, taking up a new post as Site Manager at Taverham Mill Fishery and Nature Reserve. Moving house, getting engaged to my fiancée ‘Lottie’ and picking up my first [...]

Carp Fishing – A Memorable Year – By Ash Bailey

The year of 2015 couldn’t of started off much better for me. I slipped the net under my first carp on the 2nd of January, which resulted in a new lake record and personal best mirror known a Single Scale weighing a massive 49lb 12oz. I couldn’t quite believe it after spending Christmas with [...]

Carp Fishing – Overnight Success – By TJ Elliot

I arrived at the lake at about 1pm on a very miserable Wednesday afternoon and managed to get straight into the swim that I hoped would be available. I had just the one night to fish and with this limited time, I chose an area that I knew there was the possibility of [...]

Carp Fishing – Time For A Change – By John Waller

Over the last couple of years I have been fishing a large pit in Kent with my sights firmly set on catching a new PB common. My current PB common is a fish of 42lb 8oz, which I was lucky enough to catch in 2010 from a weedy Oxfordshire syndicate lake. Having my new [...]

Carp Fishing – Memorable Common – By TJ Elliot

My most memorable catch will always be this common back from May 2013. It was around the time I was taking my exams. I had started fishing an extremely hard, low stocked gravel pit that was packed with weed in the September of 2012 and to be extremely honest, I hadn't a clue what [...]

Carp Fishing – The Impossible Dream – By Ben Hinton

We all dream!! It’s what anglers do best. The dream keeps the passion and the fire burning, pushes you on when times are tough and if you’re lucky, that dream someday becomes reality. Then your dreams changes to the next milestone. Well like most I had a dream, yet my dream was classed as [...]

Carp Fishing – Settling A Score – By Scott Kingsley

After losing four fish on the trot during different sessions on my local syndicate due to various forms of bad luck, I was itching to settle to the score and land another fish from the venue before the carp decided to spawn. I spent a day searching for them and I finally located a number of [...]

Carp Fishing – Stunning Fully – By Scott Kingsley

Over the last few weeks I have managed to get out on the bank and do a few sessions. Sometimes I have turned up and the lake has been rammed and I’ve had to wait for a move if I couldn't get on the fish when I arrived. Often watching and waiting patiently, [...]

Carp Fishing – The Key To New Surroundings – By Scott Kingsley

The day was finally here, the opening day of the new syndicate I have joined this season. I had booked a few days off of work and this allowed me 5 nights and 6 days fishing. Enough time to have a proper look around the complex and to fish a couple of different swims [...]

Carp Fishing – A Cold Water Campaign – By Scott Kingsley

As winter approached I decided I would fish a reasonably small local lake which held a decent stock of carp; somewhere I could fish short 24hr or 48hr sessions whenever I could fit them in with work. This winter has been exceptionally busy at work in the Angling Direct mail order department, largely due [...]

Carp Fishing – Wild Orchid – By Mark ‘Wuzy’ Wozencroft

So my first session on Orchid went with a bit of a bang! The weather was what none anglers would deem ‘horrendous’ - though to be honest for January it was really mild with strong south westerly winds with near constant rain. Lovely! Anyway, we all know that you’ll never catch anything sat at home [...]

Carp Fishing – Small But Stunning – By Ben Tugwell

I chose to try a relatively un-fished venue which is known not for the size of its fish but the beauty of the carp that live there (a bit off a change to my normal angling). In the past I have been previously unsuccessful on this venue and wanted a challenge. This 2 acre, oval [...]

Carp Fishing – Park Life – By Brandon Butler

I arrived at the fishery late afternoon as I knew the park would start to quieten down around this time. After a good walk around, I decided against fishing the snaggy areas that I tend to favour, as I had spotted some fish held out in the open water area near the main area of [...]

Carp Fishing – 48 Hours On The Blue Pool – By Brandon Butler

As we arrived at the complex on Saturday morning the group that was just pulling off said there had been a couple of carp out that night, but nothing in the daytime. This was probably to do with the weather, as temperatures were hitting up to 31 degrees! My allocated pegs were 15 to 21, [...]

Carp Fishing – Given Half The Chance – By David Boult

After a recent spell of baiting regularly on a lovely Southern pit that I've been fishing, I got out on the bank and enjoyed a hectic few nights last week on the spot. I know the lake responds well on the big moon phase, so I timed my recent overnighters accordingly. Fishing to a lovely [...]

A Sweet Ending to a Sweet Season by TJ Elliott

For the past eighteen months, I have been concentrating on a very busy club lake, local to me. I have also spent a little bit of time fishing another lake on the complex, which is home to a very small handful of stunning carp and also completely different to the main lake. However, having done [...]

Quick Overnighters by Scott Kingsley Part 1

After a gruelling three months of concentrating most of my efforts on a river campaign, I have managed to fit in three short overnighters on my syndicate water. These have been short twelve hour sessions, which have led to some good results using a range of Gardner terminal tackle, CC Moore baits, good old trusty [...]