Customer Catch Reports

Carp Fishing – Putting In The Miles – By Andy Loble

I recently received an invite to fish a prolific tench venue, which although involving a 400 mile round trip, it was certainly worth putting in a few extra miles. On arriving at the lake after dark I knew I wouldn’t be fishing properly until the morning as I needed to re-spool my reels and [...]

Carp Fishing – Wild Orchid – By Mark ‘Wuzy’ Wozencroft

So my first session on Orchid went with a bit of a bang! The weather was what none anglers would deem ‘horrendous’ - though to be honest for January it was really mild with strong south westerly winds with near constant rain. Lovely! Anyway, we all know that you’ll never catch anything sat at home [...]

A Sweet Ending to a Sweet Season by TJ Elliott

For the past eighteen months, I have been concentrating on a very busy club lake, local to me. I have also spent a little bit of time fishing another lake on the complex, which is home to a very small handful of stunning carp and also completely different to the main lake. However, having done [...]

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