Lee Fraser

Where From:

Local club water

Capture Details:

After speaking to a few people on my way around the lake not much was coming out, I noticed a few fish showing on top and immediately thought zigs. I quickly got into my swim and got the rods on the showing fish , within 5 minutes My rod was away and that was a small mirror of about 12lb as I returned the fish back to the water the other rod was off which was a common of 13lb 6oz. When I returned this fish I saw a bigger fish move out further on the top so I grabbed the rod and casted straight on top of the fish I didn’t even get a chance to put the rod down it was away and that turned out to be a 16lb 11oz fully scaled mirror. I know these fish weren’t massive but me and my daughter were very happy with out results.

Gardner Products Used:

10lb zig link, size 10 mugga hook, cut down white popup