Dan Handley

Where From:

Berkshire club water

Capture Details:

Arriving for a quick day session I managed to get in a swim I’ve been baiting for the last few weeks on the Berkshire club lake I’m currently targeting, I fished over to the bottom of the adjacent marginal shelf, I’d prebaited with about 5kg of whole and chopped krill boilies a couple of days before so only trickled a few handfuls in, the weather was not looking great cold and high pressure, I managed to see a few carp in some snaggs down to my left tucked away under the bank out of site, observing the fish they looked very dormant in the cold water and definitely not up for a big feed, bearing this in mind I switched my usual match the hatch krill pop ups over to the krill pink ones to try and buy that extra bite, in the middle of the day when j was least expecting it the banker rod was away and I was soon rewarded with a stunning 27lb scaley mirror, which was a big bonus as the water contains mainly commons.

Gardner Products Used:

Dark covert size 6 chods, tripwire, chod skin