I arrived at the lake at about 1pm on a very miserable Wednesday afternoon and managed to get straight into the swim that I hoped would be available. I had just the one night to fish and with this limited time, I chose an area that I knew there was the possibility of a bite or two from.

With the weather being slightly moody and knowing there wasn’t long before the light started to fade, my main priority was to get the rods out as soon as possible. After clipping the rods up to the spots, I began to get my rigs ready. Two blow-back rigs were tied using a couple of ultra sharp size 6 Covert Mugga’s and 25lb camo green Sink Skin. Both were combined with helicopter leaders tied with 45lb brown Heavy Plummet leadcore.

The wind was strong and was blowing in the most difficult direction I could have possibly asked for, so this meant getting the rods out proved to be a little bit more difficult than I expected. After a few poor attempts I decided I would attempt to put some bait out instead. Roughly 3 kilos of scalded pellet and around a kilo of fishmeal boilies were spread over both rods that were positioned close together.

A short while later the wind had slowly died off. However, being the most unorganised person around I had forgotten to bring any food with me, so around at around 4pm I quickly popped off to the chippy. When I arrived back at the lake, I was in a rush to get the rods out as I only had around 20 minutes before the light faded. Luckily both the rods went out landing with a rather pleasing donk I was looking for.

The night passed extremely quietly until I was awoken by a screaming take at 6 o’clock in the morning. This resulted in a nice 28lb 4oz mirror that was very welcome. Whilst sorting the fish out on the mat, the other rod melted off. Thankfully a good friend of mine, Brett Revell, was there to help me out! After a short battle later I had lovely looking common was sulking in the net. In all honestly, I thought the fish was about 5lb bigger than it was, but with it going 27lb 2oz on the scales, I seriously couldn’t complain with what I had caught. After a few quick photo’s, I was packed up by half past 8. Not a bad nights fishing at all!