Gardner Tackle is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Leon Bartropp into our sponsored angler team of carp consultants.

Not only is Leon a highly respected big fish angler, but he is also a prolific writer within the carp angling press and takes enormous enjoyment in producing his own informative carp fishing videos.

Over the last few years Leon has carved an exceptionally strong reputation on the banks of the waters that he has visited.

He regularly demonstrates his talent, knowledge and passion as an angler by successfully landing his target fish using a wide variety of techniques – and we really feel that his great knowledge base will be a major asset to the Gardner Team.

Just as important to his angling prowess, Leon loves to help other anglers with their problems and show the right way to angle or how best to use a specific product for a specific purpose…

‘Unusually’ for such a successful angler, he is well liked and respected by his peers, largely thanks to his professional manner, and a congenial friendly attitude.

Leon’s experience of working within the fishing tackle industry means that he already has a good head on his shoulders when it comes to offering feedback during product development and understands the processes necessary to develop innovative products and how best to present and promote them within articles.

We’re really looking forward to working with Leon on a day to day basis – and we are genuinely excitement at bringing him into the Gardner Team.

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