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Carp Fishing ~ Like Buses ~ Kai Richards

Last month I arrived at my syndicate lake for a 48 hour session. Luckily I didn’t have college or work on Friday that week, so I managed to get to the syndicate Thursday evening after college. As there were only a couple of people on I managed to get [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Winter Ziggin’ ~ Kai Richards

I met my mate Jamie at the service station not far from our Southern syndicate very early in the morning. We got some breakfast and with 48 hours ahead of us we talked about our plan of action. We decided that we would park in a swim known as [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Kai Richard’s 2017 Round Up

2017 was a great year for my fishing memories! I managed seven 30lb+ fish, one forty and also my target fish which is one of the nicest fish I have ever caught! In this article I will be reflecting on three sessions where I caught my target fish, my [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Second UK Forty ~ Kai Richards

I wanted to write this article about one of my recent sessions when I landed my second UK forty pound carp. After arriving at my Southern Syndicate lake, I began by having a little walk around to try and locate where the fish were, so I had a good chance [...]

Carp Fishing – A Trio of Thirties – By Kai Richards

I always look forward to trips on my local Southern Syndicate Lake. After arriving I completed my standard few laps of the lake and after seeing a few fish I decided to start off in one of the main swims called Armchair. It was a cloudy day and there was a lovely South Westerly [...]

Carp Fishing – My Most Memorable Session – By Kai Richards

In this article I am writing about one of my most memorable sessions, catching the biggest resident from my local syndicate lake. I was keen to get down a day before the Friday rush as it was a Bank Holiday weekend. As luck would have it I managed to get back into the same [...]

Carp Fishing – What a Year – By Kai Richards

I have had a great years fishing this year catching ten thirties and my first UK forty. I have been concentrating on a syndicate water in Ringwood and this is currently my second year on there but this year I have managed a few special ones. My first memorable session was during the middle of [...]

Carp Fishing – September Blog – Kai Richards

I started the month of with a visit to Longleat for a session to celebrate a mate’s birthday. We had two days to play with and after finding a few fish, I soon got the rods out and was confident of a bite. I soon had one in the net, only a small mirror around [...]

Carp Fishing – August/September Blog – by Kai Richards

I started the month of August on my syndicate lake, I had been catching consistently all year and with a good head of big scaley fish to target, I saw no reason to change venues. After a good look around I decided to setup in a swim that rarely gets any attention. After getting the [...]

Carp Fishing – Kai Richards – Junior Angle – May

I started the month of May off by visiting my Southern syndicate and after a quick walk around, I decided to set up in a swim I knew well known as the high swim. It was boiling hot and the fish were all over the surface, so I soon had three zigs positioned at varying [...]