• carp fishing kai richards 33lb common

With a 48 hour session ahead of me, I had a good walk round my syndicate lake and with an area known as the Comfy doing a lot of fish in recent weeks being vacant; it seemed a good place to start.

I got everything set up and then found a spot straight out towards the tallest tree on the far side at sixteen wraps. I also found another nice area at fourteen wraps dead in line with a flag pole on the far side of the lake. After getting the rods out perfectly, each spot received a good helping of particles and boilies in the fading light. The wind was blowing a South Westerly into a bay to my right and it looked really promising as the fish normally frequent the area in these conditions.

I was up at first light and the rods had remained motionless. I could see that there was a lot of fizzing about two rod lengths behind my main spot. After the activity had died down, I tied up three fresh rigs, each with one of the new Covert Dark Incizor hooks. These have unbelievable points and looked perfect on the KD presentation I was using. That evening I positioned the rods at the exact range I had seen the activity and everything was spot on for bite time in the morning.

The night passed quietly although I heard a couple of fish jump in the bay to my right. I woke up at 7am and it looked completely dead, so I decided to get a little more sleep as I had a party to go to in the evening. The next thing I remember is standing at the front of the swim, with a bent rod in my hands as a fish powered off. It felt a good fish from the off and as soon as I saw it I knew it was one of my target fish! After a further 10 minute battle I managed to slip the net under a big common and let out a sigh of relief.

On the scales it went 33lb 4oz, but to me the weight was irrelevant as it was such an awesome looking fish. As I slipped it into a retainer to recover for a few minutes the middle rod tore off, which resulted in a lovely dark 26lb 4oz mirror. I phoned a friend on the other side of the lake and he offered to come round for camera duties. While we were taking pictures of the common, I received a take on the middle rod I had repositioned a few minutes before. After a short battle I had an angry mid-double common in the net. I was chuffed as I didn’t expect an action packed morning, what a great way to start the day!