My first trip in July was to Linear Fisheries Oxlease Lake, with the aim of practicing for the BYAC event. I learnt loads during my short trip to the complex and I managed to land a 20lb 4oz mirror too. With the weather being warm hot, zigs seem the way to go and the fish fell to a small piece of red Gardner Zig Foam, on a size 10 Mugga tied to 12lb Zig Link.

A zig was the downfall of this 20lb 4oz Oxlease mirror.

As soon as I arrived back home I got my kit sorted and my dad kindly dropped me off at my syndicate lake. I had a few nights ahead of me, so I made sure to have a good walk around before setting up. An area known as the armchair had been producing regularly, so I made my way round to the swim. My friends were already set-up in there, so I decided to fish a swim close by and drop in there when they packed up.

As it was getting dark, I whacked out three singles for the night and if nothing occurred I planned to have a quick plumbed around the next morning. I woke up at dawn to see my indicators sat where they were the night before, although I did see a few fish in front of me. Once the fish had drifted off, I had a quick cast around with a marker float and I managed to find a nice clear spot at the back of a weedbed. I soon had two rods positioned on the clear area, one on my favourite combi-rig presentation tied using 25lb Trick-Link, 25lb Trickster Heavy and a size 6 Covert Incizor. The other rod had a simple blow back presentation made from 25lb brown Sink Skin and a size 6 Covert Incizor. I decided to put quite a bit of bait around these two rods and a mixture of half and whole 18mm and 14mm Tuna and Garlic and Red Spicy Fish from Urban baits.

An essential component when I tie my favourite combi-rig presentation.

My third rod was cast with a solid PVA bag to where the fish had been showing during the morning. The rods went out perfect and I was confident that something might happen during the night or the early hours of the morning.

At half six the following morning, I had a take on combi-rig and after a great scrap I netted a lush 23lb 8oz mirror. Shortly after getting the rod back out, the rod on the PVA bag was away and I landed a 16lb 14oz mirror. I popped up to see my mate in the next swim, who kindly came round to do some pictures.

Changing the line lay resulted in this 29lb 8oz mirror.

An hour later one of the rods positioned on the bait was away and after a great scrap after the fish went from weedbed to weedbed, I managed to slip the net under a lovely 32lb 4oz mirror. It was a fish I’d caught twice before, however I was still made up with the morning’s result.

After getting a few shots, I moved to the swim next door as I felt it would give me a better line lay to the spots. I soon had the rods clipped up and I topped up the baited patch.

The following morning one of the rods was away on the baited patch and I rounded the session off with an old warrior weighing 29lb 8oz!
After a great scrap I managed to slip the net under this lovely 32lb 4oz mirror.