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Carp Fishing – Spring Has Finally Sprung – By Rich Adams

This was to be my fourth session of 2015 on my syndicate water. The previous three trips had proven to be fruitless with the weather and fish not playing ball! The combination of cold winds and plummeting night time temperatures, the fishing had been difficult and at time you wouldn’t have thought there was [...]

Carp Fishing – New Years Resolutions – By Rich Adams

I was off shift from work and had decided to do a day session on a small estate lake that I know. The lake it is a small intimate venue of approximately five acres hidden in the beautiful Northants countryside, with a good stocking of fish that range from low doubles to thirties. All in [...]

To fish on the deck or off? by Rich Adam’s

There are often situations that arise whilst carp fishing when we have to decide whether to use a pop up or a bottom bait. As with most methods there are many different theories on both the success and downside to using either or method. I know of carp anglers who use pop ups all of [...]

Trip two: A “secret” Venue September 2012 – Rich Adams

My second, and totally unexpected trip to France, came about after chatting to a Belgian angler I know called Chris Vandenhaute. He happened to mention that he had been fishing in France on a little known venue and had caught fish to a decent size. After several conversations via emails and Facebook, a date was [...]

MY TOP FIVE SPRING TIPS – by Rich “Fatbloke” Adams

With spring approaching more quickly than expected I thought I would share a few things that I feel help me put a few carp on the bank during this period. The first thing on my list is tackle maintenance. Whether you are a seasoned all weather angler who still goes in search of carp during [...]

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