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Carp Fishing – Old Mill Stunners – By Tony Welch

Carp angling today is a million miles away from what it was when I started fishing. The digital age and social media just two of the reasons it’s the beast that it is. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I like today's scene as much as I liked the early days of my [...]

Carp Fishing – Short Session Success – By Tony Welch

Short sessions to some anglers may be something like 30 odd hours on the bank. That sort of time for me these days would be heavenly! At present I manage a very quick night three times a month, literally heading for the lake at 8pm and finding my way home by 10:30am the following [...]

Carp Fishing – Hauling at Tamar – By Tony Welch

Much of the time carp angling is focused on so called target fish in the lakes and rivers we fish. They consume all thoughts of the chasing angler in his or her quest to bank usually the largest carp in the venue! Of course when fishing for a particular carp it would naturally consume [...]

Carp Fishing – Bring Me Sunshine – By Tony Welch

With the daylight hours rapidly increasing combined with the warmth of the sun, fish activity will be increasing on all lakes. Spring can be hit and miss for carp angling due to the weather and the time it takes the sunlight to penetrate and individual lakes to warm up. I've had some brilliant sessions [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Thoughts – By Tony Welch

With winter here and temperatures dropping rapidly, many anglers will be looking at their tactics and thinking about cold water baits and fining down their rigs ready for those tricky cold water carp. So, with thoughts of a winter jet black mirror in the folds of my landing net I thought I’d write a short [...]

Carp Fishing – Competition Carping – By Tony Welch

I haven’t done any carp match fishing since I won a local match 2001, however when I was made aware of a pairs event at Upper Tamar Lake, I quite fancied having another go! Southwest Lakes Trust (SWLT) have been holding some match fishing events in recent years at Upper Tamar. These events are professionally [...]

Carp Fishing – Back In The Game – By Tony Welch

It was last knockings as usual, around 7.30pm and I decided to get in a quick over night session before work the following day. I’ve been struggling of late and the with a weather forecast of thunder and lightning I thought to myself ‘If you can’t catch anything tonight, you never will!’ With this in [...]

Reunited With an Old Friend by Tony Welch

I nearly always write technical pieces, the 'how to' type articles. However, this time I thought I'd write about a quick over night session I did recently and the recapture of one of the South West's favourite carp some two decades after my first encounter with it. Background The carp in question is known as [...]

Welcome To The Jungle by Tony Welch

I love all types of carp angling, the sport is so diverse, but I especially like the lakes that are generally over-looked because they are low stocked, with an unknown quantity of carp and difficult to fish due to topography and lake bed make up; for example weed and deep silt! Also getting to swims [...]

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